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Volume 42 Number 51

Invasion of the bedbugs

How we dealt with these disgusting little bloodsuckers; and why we still fear stigma and our landlord

A planning primer for the supes

Everyone in town ought to be fighting a developer giveaway that brings the city nothing

Channel surfers

Treasure Island Music Festival: Flip the switch and begin anew with TV on the Radio

No castaways here

Treasure Island Music Festival: A line-up of jewels to drool over

Hot Chip, ahoy

Treasure Island Music Festival: Fancy dress, hearing loss, pop highs

Does Vampire Weekend suck?

Treasure Island Music Festival: A critical mass of critical stabs

Class revolting

Treasure Island Music Festival: Chester French fronts the new school of college-rockers

“Seventh” heaven

Treasure Island Music Festival: Goldfrapp ascends to the astral, while throwing roots down in the real

Seasonal cool

"Just the drummer" Brian Blade finds his way working in fellowship

A Bay pas de deux

New moves and existential musings from Liss Fain, Erika Shuch

Live through this

"Spring Awakening" rocks unabashedly toward the schmaltz

No peace, so Justice

Treasure Island Music Festival: Stressing on semiotics and skipping to the bomb-blast beat

Dot Dash

Dash Shaw's serial Web comic BodyWorld graces the third dimension

Speed Reading

Faith Evans' Keep the Faith

Mead notebook

A quick sketch of a great American writer and movie star. Plus: a poem by Taylor Mead

New blood

Alan Ball embraces the drama, without the judgment, of Towelhead

Jabbing at Justice?

Treasure Island Music Festival: "Help! I'm drowning in shutter shades," yells club kid

Daddy’s girl

Guerilla Cafe

Mao and Coca-Cola

New waves of Chinese art hit the Bay Area -- from SFMOMA to BAM and beyond

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What are safe streets?

Mayoral task force looks for ways to protect people in San Francisco — from the homeless

PG&E Lie of the Week

Who's writing that anti-Prop. H propaganda?

Raiding Long Haul

Police investigating animal rights threats used heavy-handed tactics against a lefty collective

Vicious circle

Violence in the Mission is increasing — but immigrants are less likely to want to talk to the police