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Volume 42 Number 39

Glamazonia in “Portal Potty”

Superhero tranny gets flushed back into the '70s!

The new privacy

The National Security Agency may be about to gain access to the phone calls and Internet activities of millions

Beyond belief

The Queer issue: The Busy World Is Hushed questions love, family, and faith

Rare, medium, and well-done

The Queer Issue: 2008's Fresh Meat festival served up transgendered food for thought

Where there’s Will …

Will Oldham, a.k.a. Bonnie "Prince" Billy, feels super-fortunate and Lady Gaga glitters. Plus: Lower Class Revolt, Dilated Peoples, Mute Socialite, and more

“The Monkey and the Devil”

Examining a festering wound in the social fabric that hasn't healed nearly as well as many of us would like to pretend


Can doom be dynamic? That's a death-metal affirmative

Rock Candy

Bisexual electro? Not quite, but still some Queen-y sing-alongs at this new mixed club

“Chop Shop”

Everyday drama on the harried, often undocumented margins of immigrant life

“Matt Gil: Reel to Real”

A nonstop catwalk of coffee-tabletop-size ceramic forms parading in a loop

A drone supreme

Local duo Barn Owl soar on volume and tone

Back to the land

Fleet Foxes tear back the centuries, fusing pre-rock 'n roll sounds with indie sensibility

Queercore, many mornings after

The Queer Issue: Pansy Division's Jon Ginoli and Camper Van Beethoven's Victor Krummenacher

Speed Reading

The Queer Issue: My Miserable, Lonely, Lesbian Pregnancy


The Queer Issue: Romping through a gay pornocopia

Far “Encounters”

Werner Herzog on Martin Luther and film as uncooked spaghetti

Welcome to the jungle

The Queer Issue: Apichatpong offers bliss from a distance

Heart shaped box

The Queer Issue: Tammy Rae Carland's "An Archive of Feelings"

Cans and can’ts

Personal joys -- and Puerto Alegre

No depression

› andrea@altsexcolumn.com Dear Andrea: I'm 30 and have been married for five years. I do all the cooking, cleaning, and shopping. My wife does a few...

A different light

The Queer Issue: Gay photographers review the urban landscape

Down with legitimacy

Want to define love, commitment, family, and sexual merrymaking on your own terms? Honey, that's so last century

Free solar power?

A new solar incentive program might make the conversion to green power almost free

Editor’s Notes

Sharing the left's resources to save San Francisco's middle class