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Volume 42 Number 36

Sealed with a fest

Upcoming shindigs, by the numbers: Harmony Festival, Berkeley World Music Festival, Outside Lands, Treasure Island, and Lovefest. Plus: little shows (and Little Teeth) not to miss

Shock and aw

Crystal Castles chart success, rack up chiptune chafes

Spunk, funk, fusion

Return to Forever returns

No exit

Two new books rummage through the rubble of No Wave New York

Ten City

On the lookout for Afro-surrealism at the SF Black Film Festival

Demy more

Love Songs steps out from under an umbrella

Slamdance elegance

"Louder, Faster" punk performances splatter PFA's screen

Incredible hulks

Bigger, Stronger, Faster is smarter and deeper than it looks

So much “Useless” beauty

Jia Zhangke tries on clothing

Poodle piddle problems

Bakesale Betty's

What’s a nice person to do?

› andrea@altsexcolumn.com Dear Andrea: I'm a 36-year-old woman who's been married for nine years. Last year a routine annual exam led to several other tests that led...

A space colony in Wisconsin

The United States' only feminist sci-fi convention grows ever larger

Beyond the budget spin

Don't get angry. Get organized

Shit equity

At long last, fixing a problem sewage treatment plant

Drug deal hurts consumers

San Francisco sues two pharmaceutical titans, alleging plot to inflate prices

A fall revenue measure

Almost everyone at City Hall knows the current tax system is unfair, regressive, and inadequate

Editor’s Notes

A new deal for real estate taxes

An everywoman at war

Erykah Badu lets her 'fro, freak flag, and activist colors fly

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Playing with dals

Yuks galore

Another Hole in the Head horrorfest explodes at the Roxie

Faith-based initiative

The Contemporary Jewish Museum's opening show starts at the "Beginning"

Rise above

Skateboarders were once outlaws. Now they're the establishment -- and they're trying to drive BMX bikers out of public parks. Can't we all just get along?

Stephen Pelton Dance Theater

Violence looks lyrical and tenderness totters at the edge of the abyss