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Volume 42 Number 31

Children of the (pop)corn

Strap yourself in for the summer movie blitz

Loss leader

The Monkey Room's monkey business is familiar, inkBoat struck a c(H)ord

Classical, remixed

Locals innovate at the San Francisco Ballet's New Works Festival

Cover me

Shelby Lynne and Vetiver are the latest artists tempted into the shadow of giants. Plus: Peter Bjorn and John's Peter Morén breaks from the pack

Chefs that go crunch

"Do they fall on their knives, one by one, alone and unmourned, off camera?"

Sara Shelton Mann

Examining the relationship between the body dancing and the body politic

Ralph Stanley and the Clinch Mountain Boys

Putting the soul in bluegrass and the country in blues


Lady Miss Kier phones it in to the club

Cross-cultural cosmology

Dark Matter: a film about Asian immigrants like no other

Unfreeze my tableaux

The Rape of the Sabine Women arrests and exhausts

Dance, horn dogs and damsels, dance

Hooked on Brass Menazeri

Unlock your Sons and Daughters

Nothing but broken bottles and dark-corner encounters to be regretted the morning after with this foursome

Talking ’bout pop

Berkeley's Morning Benders hark back to the glory of '60s songwriting


Men's rooster cuts in Iran! What's on the shelf this month

Been there, done that

Reading between the beats of Rollin' with Dre

Black, white, and color

Medicine for Melancholy faces the changing city

Highway 51

A road map to week two of the 51st SF International Film Festival

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Locus Solus

Guy Maddin on interior space, hair-dryers, and orange Jell-o


When Turkey met Mexico ...

A time to kill

Thai Noodle Jump

Taking the lead

› andrea@altsexcolumn.com Dear Andrea: I am a 21-year-old college student and am looking for boys about my age to have sex with. But whenever I approach...

User-generated censorship

Just as the Web is making it easier for crowds to collaborate, the Web is also making it simple for mobs to crush free expression

No peace, no work

The ILWU hopes the dramatic act of shutting down West Coast ports will inspire Americans everywhere to oppose the war