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Volume 42 Number 15

January 9 – January 15, 2008

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How Oakland’s fearful politicos enabled waste: Part III

Political, racial pressure pays off for the bakery

How Oakland’s fearful politicos enabled waste: Part II

E.M. Health attempts to burrow away debt

How Oakland’s fearful politicos enabled waste: Part 1

How the bakery's $1 million vanished. Along with loan from city, pledges to help community disappeared.

Rebel women

A report from the Zapatista Women's Encounter in Chiapas

Portrait of the artist as an old cop

Why is the city's police union lobbying for the Academy of Art?

Bad to the (funny) bone

"RiffTrax Live!" gets sketchy

Where is home?

Danny Hoch brings his new Brooklyn tale to the Bay

Rain on me

Zion I's Amplive gets tossed into In Rainbows lockdown. Plus: Thao Nguyen, David Daniell, Rickie Lee Jones, and more

Remember the main

The main course has taken a hosing lately

Resort recollections

Sweating to Mi Ami

The stranger

Music's mystery man Jandek comes to town

“Hello-Now, From Everywhere”

Drawings and text by Veronica De Jesus

Initials B.B.

Bill Berkson's Sudden Address bridges poetry, painting, and passionate love

Lucky 13

Berlin and Beyond comes of age

Angels with dirty faces

Folksy lyricism makes Francisco Vargas's The Violin a quiet beauty

Metal is forever

Heavy Metal in the Country

Cafe Andree

Eat global, meet locals

Good luck

Taqueria Reina's

Careers & Ed: Get schooled

A selective guide to upcoming classes and workshops for grown-ups

Careers & Ed: The Roots of teaching

Everything Claire Kiefer needs to know about education she learned in jail

Careers & Ed: Paid by Pandora

How Tim Westergren built the world's smartest jukebox

Careers & Ed: Assembling a career

How Susan Gould makes a living making art

Careers & Ed: Branching out

How Paul Donald went from graphic designer to green retailer extraordinaire

A week late

› andrea@altsexcolumn.com No, not that kind of "a week late." This is my New Year's column, a week late, but let's not beat ourselves up...