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Volume 42 Number 14

January 2 – January 8, 2008

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The Zoo Blues

The animals are mistreated. The executive director is getting rich. Privatization has failed the San Francisco Zoo.

Edwards Reconsidered

Edwards could be the most progressive Democrat to top the national ticket in more than half a century.

Thou shalt have icons

Jazz giants come alive, with artful intimacy

Twelve for the road

A look back at dance in 2007

Acting pleasant

Notable theater performances of 2007


Parsing the homophobia of "UR So Gay"

Eat the faith

Great fortunes have already been made in the selling of lousy food to a captive and credulous population


Love at First Bite, Kara's Cupcakes, and That Takes the Cake

Great Scott!

One hundred years of Raymond Scott's exotica genius

Bold as love

Entrance's visionary death-letter blues

“Why not do something really special?”

Do it the Didimao way

There will be cocktails

Robert Redford on the Sundance Kabuki and SF film fests

Bubblin’ crude

There Will Be Blood — and auteur geysers

1300 on Fillmore

Soul of the new Fillmore

Free range

Happy House Korean BBQ

Hamster dance

Hamster Dance

Staying power

In 2007, Bay Area arts were in constant flux

Technology in wartime

In a time of war you can't enjoy a party game without thinking about your game console being used to kill people

Cindy Sheehan’s SF values

Opinion: If you want San Francisco values represented in Congress, vote for me in November


Our Off-Guard Awards for the dumbest, lamest, most pitiful, and most bizarre moments of a year that's finally, finally over

Godzilla versus Mothra

How monumental estimates of a tiny invasive moth's economic and environmental impacts are threatening San Francisco with aerial spraying

Solar man

Can Burning Man leave a legacy of renewable energy?

A hard line on 55 Laguna

EDITORIAL In spring 2007, Assemblymember Mark Leno talked to Ruthy Bennett, the point person on the A.F. Evans proposal to build a major housing...

Amending the solar plan

EDITORIAL San Francisco assessor Phil Ting wants to encourage more city residents and businesses to put solar panels on their roofs. It's a noble...