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Volume 42 Number 12

December 19 – December 25, 2007

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What a bash!

Patton Oswalt ain't no annoying hipster douchebag

Magic garden

Yaelisa and Caminos Flamencos

Durang harangue

Mrs. Bob Cratchit's Wild Christmas Binge serves a heaping helping of humbug

Band together for 21 Grand

Keep innovative arts programming alive, confunnit! Plus: upcoming shows!

Feeding the food brainiac

Books about culinary history

Under their black sun

X marks the spot in punk's Cali past and a fantasized future

Check it twice

Year-end music-list mania continues

Barber of gore

Tim Burton's inspired Sweeney Todd is black and red all over

Enjoy your corn bread

Sandra Bernhard loves SF and young gay women

Clay Oven

Church of the holy tandoor

Chopped liver

Pho 84

Loose women

› andrea@altsexcolumn.com Dear Andrea: I have a good one for you! What does being pregnant and having a baby do to your body? Is it true...

Humans are dogs

Even monkeys can do math

The case for Kucinich

If you don't vote in February for what you believe in, you won't get to vote for it in November

Is New College dying?

The famed liberal arts school faces a financial crisis after a tough year

Shop like a Scrooge

Last-minute shopping strategies for humbugs experiencing a change of heart

Learning from Enrique

A journalist joins the immigrant trains to gain perspective on a divisive issue

Homes for whom?

Homes for whom? Affordable housing is shaping up to be the big political issue of 2008

Green City: The baby question

Is childbirth bad for the Earth?

Gifts for good causes

Some suggestions for holiday giving that helps the planet and its neediest inhabitants

Reining in the UC

Bad neighbor needs State limits

Editor’s Notes

It's time to choose affordable housing

Don’t accept Bike Plan delays

The city's job shouldn't be to find ways to facilitate more cars on busy streets

Buy local

Give your loved ones a taste of the Bay Area lit scene