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Volume 42 Number 09

November 28 – December 04, 2007

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Ultimate Holiday Guide

Shopping, volunteering, and raising hell

Brian on the brain

Brian Boitano plus Barry Manilo equals bliss

In and out

Unpacking the social pressure to procreate in The Crowd You're In With

My Xmas Muzak or yours?

Sweatin' the C-word with Patti LaBelle, Dokken, the Isley Brothers, Green Day, and more. Plus: Bucky Sinister

The smell test

A working bakery in the midst of the city

Ask Dr. Rock

What's the biggest annoyance at rock shows?

Happy Garden Restaurant

The glory of ee mein

He hears a new world

Chris Watson finds music in the belly of the beast

Eyes on the prize

The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir have their feet on the ground and priorities in place

Eaux d’Anger

A kinder, gentler DVD magus leads a magic-lantern tour

Talk talk

Beneath the mumbling lies the roiling core of Hannah Takes the Stairs

Osteria and Bacco Ristorante

A walk on the mild side

The importance of inches


Homocision follow-up

› andrea@altsexcolumn.com Dear Readers: You want to talk about homophobia! That's cool. So do I, especially if it means we don't have to talk about circumcision,...

Graf legend

SPIE remembers DREAM and the golden age of SF street art

Up against the wall

Amid controversy, HOMEY brings together a Mission neighborhood with its latest mural

Are you my genome friend?

Home genomics: just another self-help scam?

SF underground

Central Subway project is moving forward despite concerns about its cost

Housing: the urbanist approach

Not one more inch of farmland in California would need to be developed if we were just willing to put growth inside existing cities

Question of intent

As lawsuits and regulators probe Lennar Corp.'s negligent approach to development on Hunters Point, a new campaign seeks to give the embattled corporation even more control over SF

Feed our students well

Salad bars come to the schools

Defying the injunction

Targeted gang members say they'll risk jail to keep gathering in the Western Addition

A real public voting system

With machines, a current deal that thrills no one

Sex crimes grandstanding

Forcing a problem on other communities, and a population further underground