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Volume 42 Number 04

October 23 – October 30, 2007

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From our Bay to Norway

A trip beyond space disco through the super sounds of Oslo and San Francisco

Who set up whom?

Who set up whom? The latest on the murder of Oakland journalist Chauncey Bailey

Jim Rivaldo, 1947-2007

Groundbreaking political consultant was a nice guy in an often nasty world

The truth about shelters

San Francisco needs to become the leader in inventive, forward-thinking homeless policy

RECAP recap

› andrea@altsexcolumn.com Dear Readers: Since the major anticircumcision group is called, rather cleverly, RECAP (RECover A Penis), and since the letter below refers to an exchange...

The story of Q

Quintin Mecke emerges as the strongest mayoral candidate in a weak field


Taking the road home


Nice niche!

Door-to-door “education”

Helping the homeless or helping themselves?

Crazy quilt

The forecast in Clubland

Green City: Saving people and the planet

Widespread attention for Oakland's Green Jobs Corps

Needed: a campaign against privatization

It's time to declare war

Thinking big with Vig

The Monastery

Editor’s Notes

Dumb stuff never goes away

Urinal kinds of trouble

William E. Jones proves that in America, the mirror looks at you

Silencers, please

Dean Martin is propped up for a Bond imitation

Torn apart

Control charts the angst of Ian Curtis

Airlines demand corporate welfare

After losing in court, big corporations are pushing city policy makers to exempt them from paying hotel taxes

Bubblegum and barbed wire kisses

The Jesus and Mary Chain resurrected

The red and the white

These colors might run

Cheap, loud, and reunited

We love the Budget Rock Showcase ... plus Two Gallants, UNKLE, and more

When science attacks

Killer scandals

Deth to false metal!

When cartoon bands go on tour

Famous Rib Shack

Smoked, sauced, and perfect