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Volume 41 Number 51

September 19 – September 25, 2007

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Joining the party

In his memoir Black Radical, Nelson Peery surveys his tenure in the CP

Our three-point plan to save San Francisco

A radical new approach to affordable housing isn't just an option anymore — it's imperative

Editor’s Notes

Time to turn our housing policy upside down

A Prop. M for housing

New projects should be judged on the basis of how much the housing will cost

Green City: Little prefab boxes

Is this really the next wave of eco-housing?

Forget the neighbors: build away!

Do we still care about Prop. M?

Sutter bleeds St. Luke’s

The ailing but vital Mission District hospital has an uncertain future

Green satellites dying

Downsizing climate sensor networks could be bad news for all of us

Letters as leverage

Bay Area activists are leading the fight against a new Bush administration crackdown on undocumented workers

Sucks to be you

› andrea@altsexcolumn.com Dear Andrea: My wife and I are the proud parents of an eight-month-old boy. While I was prepared for the postpartum lull in the...

Getting salad

Ask and ye shall receive


Destiny's house

Swede ‘n’ hoedown

La Bota Loca, Gunther and the Sunshine Girls, and Thread

Ficks’s top six

Picks from the Toronto International Film Festival

Witch, please

A thrill-sniffing guide to the Toronto International Film Festival

Ride the dark horse

The graceful fury of the Besnard Lakes

Positive hardcore attitude

The punk power and the glory — and the secret — of Bad Brains

New haunts

Jake Mann brings his low-watt singer-songwriter rock to town

The Old-Fashioned Way at Hemlock Tavern

Beer and Lucky Strikes

My kingdom for a legume!

The heartland doesn't know beans

These charming men

Morrissey = Elvis and a chat with LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy

Let there be bright

Keith Hennessy's Sol Niger at Project Artaud Theater

Lean and meaty

ACT delivers a tasty Sweeney Todd

A brief history of space vampires in the movies

Midnites for Maniacs in 70mm at the Castro Theatre