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Volume 41 Number 50

September 12 – September 18, 2007

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Quixotically yours

Chivalry lives on in Honor of the Knights

Anemic debut for public mayoral financing

Only two of the candidates made the deadline -- and one has since dropped out

Chicken and the pot

Marginalized mayoral candidate Chicken John raises big bucks to emerge as a force in the race

Editor’s Notes

Where is the leadership?

The rate hike hurts the economy

Sucking hundreds of millions of dollars a year out of San Francisco

Petraeus’s War

Surging forward, accomplishing nothing

Green City: Gray-water guerillas

Recycling water, under the radar

The tragic tale of Tamesha Tobie

Gun violence kills a teenage girl -- and nobody's solving the crime

Do wi-fi right — ourselves

Wi-fi is almost certainly not the technology on which to base a citywide network.

Dogs behind bars

A shake-up at the Alameda Animal Shelter has left its charges locked up 23 hours a day

NASA hippies

Golden records in outer space

How soon is now?

At SF Camerawork, your monitor is the light that never goes out

Going topless

› andrea@altsexcolumn.com Dear Andrea: My girlfriend is really into BDSM. At first I tried and played a convincing (I think) top-dom, but it just wasn't...

Sunrise at 90

Entertaining at The Carlisle

Frugal feasts

Our resident budget gourmet picks the best of the Bay's thrifty dishes

Parea Wine Bar and Cafe

Gather round ....

Written on the skin

Body horror– meister David Cronenberg forges Eastern Promises

You go, I go, we all go for Viggo

Viggo Mortenson is complicated

Hispanics go hyphy

Mission entrepreneur reps Latin rap on Thizz Entertainment offshoot

All the rage

No Age: low-tech fuzz and surfy psych-noise

Somewhere over the White Rainbow

Improvised, droney assemblages that pay homage to Steve Reich

Porno for pop-ettes

Challengers tests the New Pornographers' formula

Let bison be bison

The other beef

Looks that kill

Britney flubs, Animal Collective shines. Plus: Yo Majesty, Ad Hawk, Maserati, Bonfire Madigan, and more