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Volume 41 Number 49

September 5 – 11, 2007

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Project Censored: The Byrne ultimatum

The story behind a censored story that was killed by The Nation

Paging Dr. Sumchai

Can a brainy physician bring environmental justice issues to the mayor's race?

Project Censored: The runners up

15 more stories on the Project Censored list

Censored in San Francisco

There are plenty of local stories that the media missed

Slow down the land rush

Reserving low-income housing space in SF's eastern neighborhoods

Newsom’s tin cup

Public housing has been a horrible mess for years now

Editor’s Notes

EarthLink nosedives, Newsom ducks

Green City: Burning contradictions

Burning Man's green theme flopped -- but not for lack of good intentions. Plus: Reactions to the Gonzo burner's premature inflammation

Talkin’ bout their generation

Racing for the stage at the Summer of Love 40th Anniversary

The Guardian Iraq War casualty report (9/4/07)

New report: Iraq has failed to meet 11 of the 18 military and political objectives set by Congress and agreed on by Bush.

Where is the love?

How can we criminalize people for the sole act of living without a home and occupying public space?

Antiauthoritarian cities

Welcome to Brak

Slow art movement

Olafur Eliasson makes reduced speed sexy

Eye spy

› andrea@altsexcolumn.com Dear Andrea: I've found myself a femmy boy who's willing — nay, enthusiastically prepared — to wear green eye shadow in public. This...

Stone’s throw

Pebbles Cafe

Palmetto Restaurant and Lounge

House of glass

It goes to 11 (and beyond)

MadCat celebrates the vitality of female artists

Spaghetti eastern

Johnnie To's Exiled (John) Woos Leone

DJ Youngsta

Taking the next dubstep

Board youth

SF's Traditional Fools surf the rocky seas of garage punk

Word on la calle

Is mainstream radio's "Hurban" format shafting Mexican-American listeners?

The magic number

A better use for "43"

Calling all island girls

Tune in to the Treasure Island Music Festival and Okkervil River

Once more unto the Fringe

The San Francisco Fringe Festival