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Volume 41 Number 48

August 29 – September 4, 2007

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Test the Lennar site

There is no safe level for asbestos exposure

Editor’s Notes

You'd think this was a Republican town, reading the local news media lately

Harm reduction in the park

The need for needle exchange -- and the dangers of the mayor's homeless program

Green City: Signs of asbestos

Hazardous chemicals in the air

Sticking point

Mayor Gavin Newsom has ignored proposals for safe syringe collection

Too many golf courses

Golfers get 700 subsidized acres, while soccer moms and dads get 25?

The death of Polk Street

The death of Polk Street: Gentrification is destroying the home of a vibrant, if marginalized, queer community

The original queer district

A brief history of the Polk's queer cred

Breaking a sweat

What's taking San Francisco so long to implement its anti-sweat shop law?

Mouse politics

Turning predator, genome be damned

Diet plate

› andrea@altsexcolumn.com Dear Andrea: I'm in my thirties. Most of my life, my sex drive has been pretty low — not during the "honeymoon" phase, but within...

The Blender

What we're eatin'

Socked and odd


Class of 2007

Warbling the praises of our favorite local music up-and-comers

Elisa’s Cafe and L’s Caffe

One F or two?


Screw Burning Man -- let's party

Bedsit cinema of ’60s England

"The British New Wave" at Pacific Film Archives

Domestic disturbance

Emotion trumps class in Live-In Maid

Class of 2007: Ship

"We've kind of getting our hands dirty in all the different ways we like"

Class of 2007: King City

Most Likely to Carry a Django Reinhardt Album While Wearing a Master of Puppets T-shirt

Class of 2007: Kira Lynn Cain

Film Appreciation Society, art club, Existential Smokers Alliance

Class of 2007: Jimmy Roses

"It ain't the '70s no more."

Class of 2007: Carletta Sue Kay

"Obviously, I'm trying to escape myself."

Class of 2007: The Passionistas

"We want the fashion line and the fragrance."