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Volume 41 Number 47

August 22 – August 28, 2007

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Feast fall 2007

7 slop shops for functioning alcoholics 6 noodle-icious dishes 7 homey hearths A refulgence of pizza 5 tables for one 4 guides to hot wines 7 eateries über alles 5 East...

Taste teaser

Dear San Francisco: I never cook anymore, and it's all your fault. Oh sure, you have all those fantastic grocery stores with organic pastas and...

Feast: 7 slop shops for functioning alcoholics

Our mayor isn't the only one who (allegedly) leads a Jekyll-and-Hyde life of steadfast labor and drunken debauchery. It seems most San Franciscans are...

Feast: 6 noodle-icious dishes

I'm a guy who knows a little something about noodles. How could I not, living in San Francisco? From the steamy rice-stick pho of...

Feast: 7 homey hearths

Amber is my living room, and not just because I really like Pabst Blue Ribbon and smoking inside. It's also because I live in...

Feast: A refulgence of pizza

We bear witness to a renaissance of Italy's favorite savory pie

Feast: 5 tables for one

It's such a cliché to say, "I hate to eat out alone." What's to hate? True, it's different from eating at home in your...

Feast: 4 guides to hot wines

Good lord, the grape. Living in a world-class wine region (or rather, living so close to several) literally drenches one in delightful tannins and...

Feast: 6 eateries uber alles

French and Italian cuisines always get the raves; German food tends to get short shrift. It's usually called heavy, not comfort food, and beets,...

Feast: 5 East Bay breakfasts

San Francisco is a city of the night. We like to go out late, stay out till early, and start our days when most...

Feast: 8 places to get your chocolate on

It all starts innocently enough. One day you decide to order a mocha instead of your usual cappuccino; the next you grab a few...

Feast: 5 classic cafeterias

When I was a wee lad in the sun-baked Los Angeles Basin, my maternal grandparents fostered what would become a lifetime obsession: the cafeteria....

Feast: 7 locally grown bulk foods

Think about it: every time you take a sip of Bordeaux, a fuzzy baby polar bear loses another drop of its habitat. Importing your...

Feast: 6 top-notch tipples

Vanguards of the gastronomic West, we San Franciscans no longer teeter through establishments that struggle over cooking a steak or making a dry martini....

Feast: 5 sexy suppers

Some dates are sweet. You go to a nice restaurant with lacy tablecloths, order food that won't make your breath stink later, have polite...

Concierges on the cheap

SF hotels outsource tourist services to the tour bus companies, unbeknownst to their guests

Editor’s Notes

Developer-driven planning is, by definition, terrible

Supes should run redevelopment

Plenty of cities allow their legislature to run redevelopment

A vote on public broadband

Broadband access is and ought to be part of the city's basic civil infrastructure

Green City: Nice day for a green wedding

Environmental nuptials

Web Site of the Week


Save the golf courses

Improved public recreation cannot come by tearing down one sport to benefit another

Redevelopment’s new face

Can Fred Blackwell save the Redevelopment Agency?

Anonymity trouble

The satisfactions of Wikiscanner