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Volume 41 Number 44

August 1 – August 7, 2007

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Who killed Brad Will?

And why has the murder of an American journalist in Mexico gone unpunished?

Press misses out on Cal/OSHA probes

A near-fatal tragedy in Nob Hill last March briefly grabbed headlines when emergency personnel had to help free two workers from compressed debris after...

Courting the absurd

A bridge worker falls to his death -- and the contractor avoids all penalties on a bizarre technicality

Fixing Muni — and traffic

There's absolutely no reason why this city can't stick to its transit-first policy and set a goal of reducing congestion in the urban core

Editor’s Notes

The San Francisco cab industry works as a medieval class system

Say goodbye to Earthlink

Supervisors ought to immediately pursue plans for a municipal broadband network

Carbon-neutral madness

The trouble with carbon offsets

Dust devils

A storm continues to swirl around toxic dust on Hunters Point

Web Site of the Week


You can’t trust the voting machines

OPINION California's secretary of state, Debra Bowen, has released a landmark report showing what all honest brokers admitted long ago: electronic voting systems are...

Who’s behind the wheel?

Taxi permits, which give the holder a nice income, are only for active drivers. So what happens when a permit holder gets disabled?

Pain and fun

The frisson of ambivalent feelings

Curious and curiouser

› andrea@altsexcolumn.com Dear Andrea: My straight (?) man who loves women and their curves and smiles and butts and legs, who loves me and my mom...

The horse’s mouth

Willie Bird's Restaurant

Holiest of holies

David Wain preaches the virtues of The Ten

Black and white and color

Shots seen round the Bay Area and beyond by 10 sharp-eyed photographers

The closer you get

The deeper mysteries of Abbas Kiarostami's films become apparent

Still freestyling at 30

Amid satellite and Net radio, proliferating podcasts, and far too many music-delivery options, KUSF hangs on to its heritage of broadcasting radical sounds to the city

Liege and grief

Rufus Wainwright seeks safe haven

Basil rides again

A particular leafy abundance

MIA way

Waiting on the global dancefloor darling

Two for the road

Music and mayhem, the Kiki and Herb way

Man vs. room service?

Eating grubs and influencing people on the Discovery Channel