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Volume 41 Number 42

July 18 – July 24, 2007

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Give a hoot (or else)

Berkeley's Pacific Film Archives' film series gives environmental concerns the depth Gore's film avoided

Flocking together

Nanos Operetta and inkBoat journey into the absurd and hilarious world of love

The love below

Investigating untidy matters of the heart

Sweet Youth

Sonic Youth, the Lovemakers, and Edgetone Music Festival are on our radar

Are you game?

Learning to eat like aboriginals with Where People Feast: An Indigenous People's Cookbook

Two synthesizers and a microphone

Chromeo has legs!

L.A.’s dark side

Midnight Movies bare the grit of the Sunset Strip

Keeping up with Melina Jones

The SF MC finds her balance at GirlFest

Let there be light

Sunshine ruminates on solar power

Festival Guide

Funny ladies and ultra-orthodox cinemaniacs at the Jewish Film Festival

Silent voice

His People opens the movie screen to Jewish American dreams

The Dining Room

How the Ritz-Carlton saved civilization

Lonely enough

Taqueria San Jose

Cooties roundup

› andrea@altsexcolumn.com Dear Andrea: I get cold sores on my lips. Since I don't want to infect my wife with the herpes virus when I have an...

Vanishing points

Hiroshi Sugimoto turns a refined eye on dead queens and silver screens

Contemputf8g Wolf

Police Commission revives discussion of why the cops federalized an investigation that denied a journalist's rights

iPhone politics

Why everyone cares about Apple's newest toy

Gavin Newsom’s wireless Edsel

Google and EarthLink get to snoop on you, your traffic, and your preferences

Web Site of the Week


Green City: Slow climate change U-turn

What we can do to reduce the city's greenhouse emissions

At the crossroads

At the crossroads: Ethics Commission chief admits to knowing of alleged money laundering at City College

Editor’s Notes

The reason city planning in this town is so screwed up

Gutting campaign reform

Politicians need to kill the bill that skirts finance limits

Billboard sleaze

The public should know about Clear Channel's political favors