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Volume 41 Number 38

June 20 – June 26, 2007

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The Guardian Iraq War casualty report (6/22/07)

14 U.S. soldiers killed in two days.

Politics Blog

Has Newsom used cocaine? Why it even matters

War at the remote

Artifice comes in many forms

Bruce blog

Forget cocaine: there's a new "new low" at City Hall

The Queer Issue

Spirit fingers, sex parties, rainbow retirement, and more. Our Queer Issue brings it!

Fighting back

Guardian scoop and city ruling bolster workers' contention that the Woodfin retaliated against them

True TorrentSpies

Hollywood takes aim at online privacy

A real dialogue on trans issues

Intolerant film "The Gendercator" brought out the best in community response

Web site of the week


Jailhouse justice

A group of sheriff's deputies is accused in civil court of beating jail inmates

Hot Secs

› andrea@altsexcolumn.com Dear Readers: Since every third column I've run recently has harked back to one I wrote about the movie Secretary a couple of years...

Tamale soup

Shanghai Dumpling Shop

Green City: A wiser Earth movement

New WiserEarth site sees the forest for the trees

Cemetery gates

The hills are dead, but the music is alive in Colma: The Musical

Editor’s Notes

Skipping through the past, in purple sequined pumps

Remove Jew now

There is a dark cloud hanging over City Hall that affects everyone

Suburban stasis

Dead-end streets are fertile ground for the makers of Colma: The Musical

The Muppets take San Francisco

It's time to play the music, it's time to light the lights

More cops are not enough

It was shrewd yet shortsighted politics for Newsom to grandstand on public safety.

Newsom cuts poverty programs

The mayor is proposing significantly reduced resources for the poor, homeless, and drug addicted

The budget’s opening battle

Sparks fly from the Newsom/Daly budget battle

Wayfaring stranger

Finding Mariee Sioux

Revenge of the nerds

Replicator continue to rage against the machine