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Volume 41 Number 34

May 23 – May 29, 2007

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Too quiet in Oaxaca

This Mexican city's volcano of popular unrest has cooled -- but further eruptions are expected

Green City

Green City: The sustainability tribe

Stop saving the whales. Plus: More Ed Jew news

Stop saving the whales. Plus: More Ed Jew news

Some kind of monster!

Midnites for Maniacs: Vertically challenged monsters triple feature

Muse of fire

David Gordon puts a Bush-era spin on Shakespeare's Henry V

Show me

The Show I'll Never Forget anthology highlights life-altering concerts; meanwhile, Electrelane hopes to put one on

It’s the environment, stupid

Slow food is great, but ecopolitics should move fast

Gui, your music looks terrific

Gui Boratto on sonic architecture and the beauty of Chromophobia

Holdin’ the weight of the Bay

As Atlantic delays his major-label debut, Da Yellow Bus Rydah, Mistah FAB hits the underground running with Da Baydestrian

Selling wi-fi

Newsom campaign markets Google-EarthLink deal as a boon to poor people of color

09 F9

› annalee@techsploitation.com TECHSPLOITATION I have a number, and therefore I am a free person. That's the message more than a million protesters across the Internet...

A horse is a horse?

Of course not: two views of Robinson Devor's provocative Zoo

Occupational hazards

How can we be coworkers if we can't be friends; or survive an attack by masked Eastern European Rambos? Find out in Severance.

Czech, please!

A new film series revives old modernist spirits

Quixote’s Mexican Grill

A fire in the blood

On death and dining

Phnom Penh

Ends meet

› andrea@altsexcolumn.com Dear Andrea: I'm married to the woman of my dreams and the love of my life. My problem is that with women in the...

Public power, underground

Daly seeks plan to create city utility system, block by block

The drug war soldiers on

Why Tom Ammiano's well-meaning marijuana ordinance hasn't tamed the cops

Why we’re with Mark Leno

Leno personifies the direction, tone, and future of the progressive movement

Web Site of the Week


Prison insanity

The dumbest, most expensive, and least effective solution to crime is to build more prisons

A new route to public power

Supervisors should authorize a full-scale study about neighborhood-based projects

Editor’s Notes

Choosing a mayor might just prove the wonderful-but-young progressive movement has legs