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Volume 41 Number 32

May 9 – May 15, 2007

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Fresh fruit from old punks

Jello Biafra and others pay tribute to icon Dirk Dirksen

Digital Venuses

UK pop starlets vie for America's heart of darkness

Magic stars

A journey through the looking glass with Lawrence Jordan

The pyramid

Building up high-end restaurant food

Watered down

The Carver-carving Jindabyne comes close, but it's no Lantana

Not Coachillin’

Broiling in the sparse shadows of lemonade stands

All that she wants

Deborah Slater's quietly atmospheric The Desire Line

May day

History runs up against a wall in America Tropical

Myth mash

God of War II

It’s a mad, mad about Mads world

Hunky actor helps Adam's Apples

Fab gadgets

Bay Area Beatdrop rides the techno comeback -- and the latest DJ craze ... WiiJing!

David’s Kitchen

The magic pan


Route 1 Diner


› andrea@altsexcolumn.com Dear Andrea: I'm seeing someone who has a bad combination of fast-growing hair and sensitive skin. He has stubble an hour after shaving, but he can't...

Prints charming

In a new SoMa location, Electric Works is building the Land of Yes

Myth of the universal library

› annalee@techsploitation.com TECHSPLOITATION A lot of Web geeks believe that one day everything ever created by humans will be available online. Call it the myth...

Summer lovin’

Our annual guide to summer in the City (and beyond)

Deleting accountability

Sunshine Ordinance Task Force says Newsom's destroying public records

SF, the next generation

If the children are our future, what happens if they can't afford to live here?

Web Site of the Week


The waiting wife

Jane Rice talks about life as a Bay Area-based wife of a solider in Iraq

The promise of high-speed rail

Governor's position is utter insanity

Editor’s Notes

Kamala Harris, please be a hard ass

Bringing CCA to life

Will Newsom let PG&E sabotage solar energy plan?