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Volume 41 Number 31

May2 – May 8, 2007

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The Guardian Iraq War casualty report (5/7/07)

8 U.S. soldiers killed yesterday. 42 Iraqi civilians killed yesterday.

Politics Blog

The Republicans' trippy Reagan fetish

Music Blog

More Gallo, more Coachella -- and Kinky!

Wild Tigers, Painted Bird

All hail no-budget costume work

Eyes on the prize

Forking up a Pulitzer

Stalk tips

Andrea Arnold's stellar film "Red Road" scrutinizes grief and reconciliation

Cerebral vortex

The Guy Maddin brand always guaranteed to be demented

The Mission Creek Music and Arts Festival 2007

Picks, previews, and hot, wet, MCMAF fun

Full of Zizek

"The Pervert's Guide to Cinema" -- an appreciation

Piccino Cafe

Speck and sexy


Casa Mexicana

The corrections

> andrea@altsexcolumn.com Dear Andrea: Love your column. That said, at the risk of sounding like a p.c. crap-spewing psycho, I am going to take an issue...

Tow-away zones that lie

Construction "no parking" not always legal

Stop getting things done

> annalee@techsploitation.com TECHSPLOITATION Among business-oriented tech nerds, there is an acronym that is a cult: GTD. It stands for "getting things done," and it comes...

Support for high-speed rail

High-speed rail got a timely and significant vote of support from the California Democratic Party on April 29 when delegates at the state convention...

Ellis Act crisis

Will Leland Yee help stop evictions?

Web Site of the Week

May Marx the spot

Beyond the Reilly settlement

Beyond the Reilly settlement: What does the deal really mean for the Bay Area's news media?

Editor’s Notes

Outsiders, rock stars, and the Democratic Party old guard

Reilly’s victory

The original Hearst-MediaNews deal is the real issue

The meltdown opportunity

Post-explosion alt-transportation success should be model for future

Cleaning the sour lake

Natives of oil-polluted Ecuador call out Chevron

Dine Listings

Welcome to our dining listings, a detailed guide by neighborhood of some great places to grab a bite, hang out with friends, or impress...