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Volume 41 Number 29

April 18 – April 24, 2007

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This November, let’s fix Muni

Early in the Gavin Newsom administration, Muni service quickly began to deteriorate

Web site of the Week


Draining the river

The SFPUC is looking for ways to suck more freshwater into the reservoirs

The silver bullet train

High-speed rail would solve the state's most pressing environmental and transportation problems. So why isn't Schwarzenegger supporting it?

Green isn’t PG&E

The private utility is trying to sell itself as an ecofriendly company. Here's the truth

The green issue

Environmental action to save the planet -- right here at home

Open water

The case for daylighting Islais Creek

Clean isn’t always green

Well-scrubbed streets keep constituents happy -- but the city's grit doesn't simply disappear

UC Extension project a bad deal

Exactly 13 out of the 85 units of LGBT housing would be available to anyone who isn't wealthy

Green city, part one: cut back cars

The nation's addiction to oil didn't come by accident

Bar wars

SoMa homeowners fight the reopening of a rock 'n' roll gay bar and renew the neighborhood's old NIMBY-versus-nightlife fight