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Volume 41 Number 23

March 7 – March 13, 2007

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Currant affairs

The nether reaches of the pantry

Axis power

Japanese kraut rock? Fujiya & Miyagi really aren't either

Pop goes Panther

A hip-spasming dose of damaged soul

Frosty love

Have some coke and a frown with The Clipse

Blood money

Three movies explore why the US is broke

Quite an interview: a talk with Judy Stone

The respected journalist dishes her views on film, books, and imbeciles

Super Modelo

Mex-cellent adventures!

Upside Woodside

Bella Vista Continental Restaurant

Getting lucky

Flint's BBQ

Snake oil

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Scruff trade

Berkeley Art Museum's marvelous Bruce Nauman show locates inspirations in the hood

Data crash of 2027

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It’s on

Leno announces his candidacy

The honeymoon is over

Oh dear, a stalker now?

100 years of secrets

More than a century ago, Congress came within inches of allowing the president to punish newspapers at his discretion under the Espionage Act. Last month it almost happened again

James Madison Freedom of Information Award Winners

The 2007 James Madison Freedom of Information Award Winners: this year's First Amendment heroes

The ethics of flacks

Deception by former Newsom press secretary prompts legislation creating a code of conduct for the city's public information officers

Sunshine battles on three fronts

It's been a terrible year for open government

The latest Presidio disgrace

Pelosi has created the worst of both worlds

Editor’s Notes

Leno vs. Migden: finally, maybe, a choice