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Volume 41 Number 22

February 28 – March 6, 2007

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The Guardian Iraq War casualty report (3/7/07)

More than 70 Iraqi civilians killed

The Guardian Iraq War casualty report (3/6/07)

Over 100 Iraqi civilians killed

James Madison Freedom of Information Award Winners

SF journalism association honors this year's First Amendment heroes

The Guardian Iraq War casualty report (3/5/07)

20 Iraqi civilians killed


March 6 MUSIC Danava I'm such a total badass. Example? How about Portland's wailing ambassadors of psychedelic prog metal Danava? They're always good for...


March 5 EVENT Alberto Blanco Poet José Emilio Pacheco writes in the introduction to Alberto Blanco's Dawn of the Senses: Selected Poems, published by City...


March 4 MUSIC Carolyn Mark When the Corn Sisters made a tour stop in my sleepy southern Indiana town in 2000, it was to...


March 3 MUSIC Steve Porter A porterhouse is a choice cut of meat, but to nutritionists it's a fatty, cholesterol-filled food best eaten sparingly...


March 2 film Bugsy Malone The year 1976 was special for Jodie Foster. When she wasn't filming other movies, she and Chachi were making...


VISUAL ART Carl de Keyzer This year the co-op Magnum Photos, founded by Robert Capa and other war photographers, celebrates its 60th birthday. Magnum...

The Guardian Iraq War casualty report (2/27/07)

8 Iraqi civilians killed today. Reports of the death 18 young boys refuted by U.S. military


Feb. 28 FILM Citizen Cinema’s Love Series The gods of antiquity were intelligent creations. Venus, for example, represents lust and motherhood, marriage and adultery,...

Steeped in controversy

The politics and style of artisanal and organic teas

Ouroboros rising

Big Death and Little Death

The Flowering Tree

Flowering after doomsday: the latest Adams-Sellars collaboration

Can’t explain

The Who's Green Day moment

Up on the roof

Duelling White House chefs

Noisepop cracks up: trading jibes with Patton Oswalt

Plus more NoisePop picks

New mutants

Surrender to the psych-noise assaults of Eats Tapes

Raising the BARR

The life and times of multitasking multimedia maven Brendan Fowler

It came from San Francisco

Or, the creature from the deep Presidio: how to make the beast at the heart of The Host, the best monster movie of the 21st century

We are going to eat you!

America ain't "The Host" with the most

Bong hits the mainstream

The antiestablishment answer to Spielberg arrives

God of monster

An interview with Boon Joon-ho