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Volume 41 Number 21

February 21 – February 27, 2007

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The rise and fall of the Donnas

But don't count out the Bay Area-bred all-girl band yet

Views of Iwo Jima

Japanese responses to Clint Eastwood's Oscar contender

Academy fight song

Our Oscar dreams

Mussel systems


Me and my bitches

Mexicali Rose

Spectator pumps

› andrea@altsexcolumn.com Dear Andrea: Most of the sex I've had with my girlfriend has been pretty bad, all thanks to my stupid brain. I go back...

The other shoe

Records reveal more fallout from the Newsom affair, despite his refusal to talk about it

Lisa Nowak, astronaut

When women do go on violent rampages, I want them held responsible for their actions and punished the same way men are

Car-free support

Study bodes well for Saturday road closure in Golden Gate Park

As the port turns

Another private development proposal sinks. Piers are falling into the water. Is the Port of SF broken?

The guns have won

The toll of Bush's Iraq war on health care

Fighting the Monster

City supports boycott of company that outsourced 120 jobs

Sink or swim

For two decades, local climate change experts have been warning what rising sea levels would mean for the Bay Area. So why doesn't San Francisco even have a flood map?

The next mad rush to the sky

Ugly canyons everywhere! With the latest San Francisco construction boom, history repeats itself

Editor’s Notes

The case for a real mayoral race