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Volume 41 Number 01

October 4 – October 10, 2006

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Online bonanza

Fixed-gear fracas, Lusty Lady lowdown, and Pixel Vision hits Vancouver in the blogs.

Escape pods

What, exactly, is "the love"?

Chain gang

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre reissued on a slick new DVD

Bad art, no donut

The backwaters of bad cover art

Writing wrongs

Billy Bragg keeps the progressive home fires burning and cynicism at bay.

Restoration Hardcore

KDVS's Operation: Restore Maximum Freedom IV fest

Rock till you drop

Hyphy or just plain hyped? The Mall aren't buying the retail pop narcotic.

Pop lives

Phil Collins (not that one) and Fahamu Pecou add spirit to Warhol's legacy.

Naughty is nice

ConteXXXtualizing Shortbus. Plus: Swinging Scandinavians!

Roughin’ Justin

If only he'd stuck to his cheesy pistols ...

Carried away

Vik's Chaat Corner

Small change

Bruised, pitted, and withered leaves

Mild to wild

The Mandarin comforts of Ah Lin

Small pieces unjoined

What if they're un-Googleable?

Opposites attract, kinda

› andrea@altsexcolumn.com Dear Andrea: I have a very close gay male friend who often behaves like he's interested in me romantically. He has even told me...

Editors notes

The Prop. 90 problem

Divorcing Columbus

The Italian-American dilemma

Why does the OES fear KGO-TV?

The controversy over obtaining copies of San Francisco's disaster plans

Shades of green

The West Coast Green conference highlights San Francisco for its leadership — and shortcomings — in environmentally sensitive building


Oct. 10 Event Litquake From its beginnings as a modest two-day event in 2002, Litquake has rapidly expanded this year to nine days and will feature over...


Oct. 9 Music The Knitters There’s an epiphany that strikes almost every aging rocker that country music is the perfect medium for tempering youthful, knee-jerk angst into...


Oct. 8 Music Residual Echoes Besides having one of the sweetest, smokiest names around, Residual Echoes summon a potent mix of sounds: kraut rock, drone, and SST...


Oct. 7 Visual Art ArtSpan Open Studios Art, it’s often argued, is in the eye of the beholder. During ArtSpan’s 31st Open Studios, you’ll have the opportunity...


Oct. 6 Event/Visual Art/Music/Film “The Illuminated Corridor” Let's face it - live loud music and large projected images don't take over cities nearly as often as they...