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Volume 40 Number 36

June 7 – June 13, 2006

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Tea – totaled

› superego@sfbg.comSUPER EGO Gurl, I woke up on the wrong side of Tuesday afternoon. I don't know if it was that pint of Cuervo...

Tonight is what it means to be young

TEEN FLICKS In the late ’70s and early ’80s a funny thing happened at the movies: Suddenly aware of a whole pocket-moneyed demographic betwixt...

Goode is great …

... despite an uneven 20th anniversary concert

Beast of the Bay

What better song to toast 6/6/06 than Iron Maiden's "The Number of the Beast"?

Shoot for the contents

The Queer Women of Color fest takes over the screen

Light after darkness

Jenni Olson excavates the film life of late SF icon Weldon Kees

Gnaw on this

› cheryl@sfbg.com There's always room for another film festival in this town, especially when said fest is drowning in blood, guts, and supernatural...

Mini mini CinemaScope!

The term CinemaScope might conjure a 2.66-to-1 vision of an extra-bodacious Marilyn Monroe in How to Marry a Millionaire, or, if you're a certain...

Honeycomb hideout

V??ctor Erice's dreamy allegory The Spirit of the Beehive still stings today

Blinded by Scientists?

› kimberly@sfbg.comSONIC REDUCER It may be yet another sign of a time-space-buckling rock apocalypse. Or a chilling harbinger of imminent, sonic-subtlety-be-damned deafness. Or simply...

Twain shall meatless

› le_chicken_farmer@yahoo.com CHEAP EATS You're probably tired of hearing about my dehumidifier. What? No? You can't get enough of it? Well that's great...

El butterball

› paulr@sfbg.com Marin is not my favorite county — it is the police state, bristling with bored and predatory officers of the...

Island in the sun

› paulr@sfbg.com Of the great Mediterranean islands, Sardinia is probably the least well known. Crete has its Minoan past and the mythic connection...

{Empty title}

June 7-June 13 ARIES March 21-April 19 Hmmm, what's this opportunity we're detecting in your sphere, Aries? Is it...

Feminists prefer genetic engineering

› procloning@techsploitation.com TECHSPLOITATION I've been sorely disappointed by feminists' responses to genetic engineering. Like many life sciences, genetic engineering has its dark side...

Dodge ball

› andrea@altsexcolumn.com Dear Andrea: You once ran from a letter from "Stretch," who was interested in stretching his scrotum. As someone with naturally...

{Empty title}

City CarShare 131 Steuart, Ste. 205, SF (415) 995-8588 or (510) 352-0323 www.citycarshare.org City CarShare is...

Bike safety chic

How to hit the pavement in style

A full-time school board

EDITORIAL The San Francisco Board of Education oversees a budget of more than $400 million. Its seven members attend regular board and committee meetings,...

Don’t relicense the Diablo nuke

EDITORIAL The Pacific Gas and Electric Co. made one of the dumbest moves in modern environmental history some 40 years ago when company executives...

Party on

Mayor's Office steps in to ease the booze ban for North Beach festivals

Questioning their bosses

Field Poll interviewers are asking for a union and better treatment at work

The cable that bind s

Comcast bullies cities like Oakland with lawsuits, but pending state legislation and San Francisco's municipal broadband initiative could change how television gets delivered