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Volume 40 Number 32

May 10 – May 16, 2006

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‘International Press Institute (IPI)’ and ‘International Freedom of Expression eXchange (IFEX)’

PRESS RELEASE  http://www.freemedia.at Vienna, 11 May 2006 IPI Calls on the European Union to raise the issue of press freedom in Latin...

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Nightmare city PREVIEW Trench coat alert: The World Horror Convention is oozing all over Van Ness Avenue, unleashing four days of panel...

Double digits

Caryl Churchill's creepy A Number loses some of its complexity at ACT


For a complete schedule of the 10th annual Mission Creek Music and Arts Festival shows and events (May 14–22), go to www.mcmf.org. Check Noise,...

Real huff

Dieselhed revved our motors

When the lights go up

Ezra Feinberg built this Citay on rock 'n' roll

Moore than words

The Moore Brothers tap a deadly goth angst

Those lovable peckerheads

Clipd Beaks break the mold

Can’t, she said

Noise artist Jessica Rylan projects her feminine might

Brass in pocket

Extra Action Marching Band puts the chaos and cool in your halftime music collective

Arctic vessels

Matthew Barney serves up cold fish in Drawing Restraint 9

Behind the public machine

"Public Image Ltd."

That’s amore

DocFest loves up pizza, pageants, and pinball


› kimberly@sfbg.com SONIC REDUCER I used to think of myself as the ultimate freak magnet, fending off moist-haired gents with a fetish for...

Into the ether

› le_chicken_farmer@yahoo.com CHEAP EATS My first two girlfriends were boys. My next three were girls. My wife was a crustacean, and it's hard...

The gadget diarist

› paulr@sfbg.com As a confirmed gadgeteer, I naturally feel a pang of genuine sorrow — and sometimes real...

City on a hill

› paulr@sfbg.com It is noteworthy, though seldom noted, that Rome's claim to be the capital of Christianity is, you know, a little ......

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May 10–16 ARIES March 21-April 19 Aries, you're either foolishly impulsive or nobly courageous — we can't see...

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Let's get neutral › openist@techsploitation.com TECHSPLOITATION There's been a lot of hysteria on the Internet lately over something...

Pusher girl

› andrea@altsexcolumn.com Dear Andrea: I'm a girl. I take Zoloft. It lowers my sex drive, and when I do get horny it...

SFPUC: Get on the stick

EDITORIAL The goal of San Francisco's energy policy ought to be to remove all private interests from the generation, distribution, and sale of electric...

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› tredmond@sfbg.com I was in upstate New York last weekend, flying low over farmlands and old industrial cities in one of those bumpy little...

A few questions for the publishers

OPINION The MediaNews Group, which proposes to buy the San Jose Mercury News, the Contra Costa Times, the Monterey Herald, and 30 Bay Area...