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Volume 40 Number 27

Apr. 5 – Apr. 11, 2006

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Hotel California

Z marks the present moment in Culture Clash's excellent Zorro in Hell

Danger! Danger!

Dear Andrea: Being in my second trimester, I've read volumes about the so-called danger of air embolisms caused by blowing air into the vagina...

Zombies are back!

Chris D. reanimates a classic LA punk incarnation of the Flesh Eaters

Yeah Yeah Yeahs, all right already

SONIC REDUCER In the best of all music fans' worlds, an album will grow on you — like lichen, excessive body hair, or a...

Use that Star Power wisely

Guitar Hero (RedOctane)

Arbitrary anachronism

TECHSPLOITATION We listened to 1930s music in the car, pretending we were on a country jaunt in our new automobile. But when we finally...

Laying on of hands

Free alternative care clinic for women with cancer opens in SF

Real tolerance

OPINION On March 24, 2006, the Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to pass a resolution opposing the message that a group called Battle Cry...

The condo war continues

EDITORIAL The San Francisco Planning Department is having a little trouble dealing with the fact that — for the moment — no more condo...

Make Wal-Mart pay

EDITORIAL According to the University of California's Labor Center, the state spent $86 million last year paying for heath care and social services for...

San Francisco needs better candidates

The last time we had a major Democratic primary race for state assembly in San Francisco, you didn't see a lot of head-shaking. In...