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Lee appointment of Nuru darkens the ethical cloud over Room 200

City Attorney Dennis Herrera deserves credit for being the one mayoral candidate willing to bring a full-throated denunciation of the sleazy and corrupt politics now flowing from Mayor Ed...

Mayor Lee’s trip to China raises questions of ethics and influence

Mayor Ed Lee barely had time to unpack from his recent political junket to Paris before he was off on his current trip to China – both of...

Are your friends criminals?

Things get weird at the Zero Graffiti International Conference

Mayor Lee and high ethical standards

If Mayor Ed Lee thinks that a person who pled guilty to false imprisonment can't do the job of San Francisco sheriff, he's welcome to say that. He would...

OccupySF awaits police raid after rejecting city ultimatum

A police raid that could wipe out OccupySF, one of the country's largest remaining Occupy camps, now seems imminent after the protest group rejected the city’s ultimatum to either...

The billionaire’s mayor

Mayor Ed Lee calls himself a progressive — but rich, powerful conservatives are funding his campaign

Polls suggest anti-Lee mudslinging is coming

One of the advantages of ranked-choice voting is that candidates have a disincentive for nasty attacks -- after all, you want second-place votes from the other candidates, so you...

Seizing space

How Rebar and other artsy renegades reignited a movement to reclaim the urban environment

Opening the corridor

San Francisco is a dangerous town for butterflies

Signs of the times

Peace groups fight the city's handbill posting ban — and the one man who works to enforce it in the Mission District