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Windfalls and compromise

By Steven T. Jones For anyone who could sort through the sometimes mind-numbing minutiae of land use economics and regulation, today's Board of Supervisors...

Olympic dreams

July 11, 2006
By Steven T. Jones So, Mayor Gavin Newsom tells the dailies that San Francisco is going to pull out all the stops to snag the...

Downtown’s deceptions

By Steven T. Jones The rancorous debate over providing health care to all San Franciscans finally comes to the Board of Supervisors for a vote...

After the game

July 10, 2006
By Steven T. Jones I just wanted to throw in an "amen brother" to Tim's post below about the great coming-together of community at Dolores...

For bicyclists, some good news…

City aims to open up its hidden waterfront with trails, parks, and art

…And some bad

Lawsuit by virulent antibicycle activist halts all pedaling projects

Binder’s analysis

By Steven T. Jones Pollster David Binder's day-after election luncheon at SPUR is a tradition of the season and a must-attend for the wonkiest...

A take on A

By Steven T. Jones The biggest heartbreak on election day -- Measure A being defeated by just over 1,000 votes -- should become the biggest...

Reilly leaves the stage

By Steven T. Jones Janet Reilly finally came to the stage just before 10:30 to concede a race that wasn't as close as many expected....

Hope and resolve

By Steven T. Jones Sharen Hewitt -- the SF activist perhaps most associated with finding solutions to street violence -- was being honored with a...

Canvas with the Reilly people

By Steven T. Jones The mood at Canvas Cafe is a little glum and doesn't seem to fit the artsy, airy interior. They all know...


By Steven T. Jones Maybe there is something to this 6/6/06 numerological weirdness after all. The mood seems dark and sinister for an election day....

Dastardly dailies

The Chronicle does its regular election-season hit pieces on the most liberal candidates

Newsom loses control

Mayor Gavin Newsom, who fancies himself a solution-oriented pragmatist, has allowed the supervisors to take over the urban policy agenda

The veto question

Supervisors approve Saturday park closure, but will Newsom kill yet another measure prized by progressives?

Drugs of choice

Why some former cops argue that all drugs

Arnold and Emily

Global warming solutions dodged by the governor but understood by a little girl

Dede Wilsey’s whoppers

De Young Museum patrons lie about the impact of Golden Gate Park road closures

Flaming creatures

The Flaming Lips headlining Noise Pop

Does Mills make sense?

October 21, 2005
Peskin measure gives supervisors an early say over a controversial waterfront development

Does Mills make sense?

Peskin measure gives supervisors an early say over a controversial waterfront development