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Crosses and losses

"Amish Abstractions" ponders whether the "simple" life is different from the life of (Bridget) Riley

Drunk on words

THE DRUG ISSUE: 12 hallucinogenic novels and 8 inebriated memory pieces

Ghost writer

Roberto Bolaño travels from the grave to the future with Nazi Literature

On the verge

Terror's Advocate adds to Barbet Schroeder's library of alluring evil

All that heaven and earth allow

Gods, stars, and burnt offerings mark Anselm Kiefer's dark worlds

To hell with the world

One question that has swirled around Oliver Stone's World Trade Center is whether it is too soon to make a film about the WTC...

Torture Inc.

Michael Winterbottom goes where Hollywood won't: The Road to Guantánamo

Whose cheatin’ Heart?

A fable of our era leaps - or hobbles - from page to screen