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As close to the lens as possible: A (too brief) Q&A with David Weissman

One of the strongest aspects of the film We Were Here is the intimacy and depth of its interviews (read our review here), so it's...

Rediscovery: The hypnotic appeal of Jeff Phelps’ Magnetic Eyes

February 23, 2011
"That album is something I've known about for a long time," Dâm Funk says of Magnetic Eyes, which was written, recorded and produced by...

Snap Sounds: Forest Swords — and the spirit of Aaliyah

February 22, 2011
FOREST SWORDSDagger Paths E.P.(No Pain in Pop/Olde English Spelling Bee)High on the "Ideas I Wish I Had" list is Forest Swords' cover of Aaliyah's...

Rediscovery: Peanut Butter Wolf puts Tony Cook’s and Dâm Funk’s ’80s jams in the spotlight

February 16, 2011
In conjunction with this week's Noise Pop cover story on Peanut Butter Wolf (a.k.a. Chris Manak) and Dâm-Funk (a.k.a. Damon Riddick), over the next...

Snap Sounds: Prefab Sprout

February 16, 2011
PREFAB SPROUTLet's Change the World With Music(Tompkins Square)Strange world we live in, where the likes of Björk and Stephin Merritt have written musicals, but...

Printed matters: A specific glance at the 44th California International Book Fair

February 16, 2011
Do you want the pristine first edition of Bram Stoker's Dracula for 45 grand, or the slightly worn copy for 25 grand? Such were...

Rock you like a hurricane: Brontez and Brilliant Colors at BAM

February 15, 2011
Brontez brought new energy to the "L@te: Friday Nights at BAM/PFA" series on Fri/11. The evening began with DJing by Myles Cooper, then an...

To the bone

No longer a baby with whiplash, Brontez Purnell is ready to dance and rock flawless

Snap Sounds: Darwin Deez

February 10, 2011
DARWIN DEEZDarwin Deez(Lucky Number)Phoenix is the most obvious reference for Darwin Deez's crisp, clean, and commercial tunefulness, with occasional traces of El Guincho --...

Speed Reading: Edie Fake’s Gaylord Phoenix

February 9, 2011
The moment I saw Edie Fake's book Gaylord Phoenix (Secret Acres, 256 pages, $17.95) on a table at a local shop was a lifesaver....

Snap Sounds: Demdike Stare

February 9, 2011
DEMDIKE STARETryptych(Modern Love)There is the fraud that is witch house, and then there is the musical spell cast by Demdike Stare, a duo that...

Snap Sounds: Charanjit Singh

February 8, 2011
CHARANJIT SINGH10 Ragas to a Disco Beat(Bombay Connection)Pure zaniness: acid house from 1982 -- up to four years before the genre was invented --...

Snap Sounds: James Blake

February 8, 2011
JAMES BLAKEJames Blake(Atlas)This is probably the most-anticipated album of 2011, thanks to the promise of Blake's lavishly praised EPs, which have conjured the ghost...

Love, Gainsbarre

Indiefest taps into new waves of interest in Serge Gainsbourg

Speed Reading: Matt Furie’s Hot Topik and boy’s club 4

February 2, 2011
I got an orange Pepe T-shirt at Needles and Pens' release party for Matt Furie's new comic Hot Topik. What better way to also...

KUSF update: Week two at City Hall, donations needed

February 2, 2011
The battle to save KUSF reached City Hall for the second consecutive week yesterday, with a rally including music, and Board of Supervisors discussion...

Love, Gainsbarre

Indiefest taps into new waves of interest in Serge Gainsbourg

Snap Sounds: Bill Orcutt

January 27, 2011
BILL ORCUTTA New Way to Pay Old Debts(Editions Mego)Recorded at 24th and York in SF in the early summer months of 2009, these 14...

Snap Sounds: Deerhoof

January 27, 2011
DEERHOOFDeerhoof vs. Evil(Polyvinyl)Why "vs." evil, Deerhoof? Wouldn't Deerhoof is Evil be more challenging? No matter, while navigating familiar territory, the 12 songs here show...

Snap Sounds: Reuber

January 26, 2011
REUBERRing(Staubgold)This is the most characterful techno album in a long, long while. Instead of obeying minimalist trends, Reuber goes for something epic — Ring...

Close-up: Lauren DiCoccio’s “Remember the Times”

January 26, 2011
Lauren DiCoccio is interviewed in this week's issue. One major element of "Remember the Times," DiCoccio's current exhibition at Yerba Buena Center for the...

Now and then

Lauren DiCioccio remakes the stuff of everyday in revelatory ways

Enter the void

KUSF is sold out from under its volunteers, and local communities are left reeling

Gorgeous George

"By, For, and About George Kuchar" celebrates the beloved, rascally filmmaker