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Year in Film: 2010

The Reel World: Guardian critics assess a year stuffed with docs (real and faux), sperm, swearing, and horror

The Year in Film: Guardian critics on 2010’s best!

December 28, 2010
Dennis Harvey's Top 20 of 2010Note: because this was generally such a crap year, a "best" list seemed too much of a stretch. Ergo...

Spooky-normal activity

YEAR IN FILM: Seen Saw -- horror rode the remake-go-round in 2009

The year in film

Was 2009 the year movie theaters died?


YEAR IN FILM: Harrelson marks a banner year in a banner career

Pure war

YEAR IN FILM: The year hyperreal cinema of the combat zone replaced pedestrian politicking

The Dobler Effect

YEAR IN FILM: Stash the ice princesses and bring on the romantic goofballs

Raison ritual

YEAR IN FILM: Paying tribute to the films that paid closest attention

2000 and gone

YEAR IN FILM: To die like a decade, to live like a brother or friend

Top films of 2009! SFBG film critics weigh in, part two

December 29, 2009
More top ten lists -- and lists of other stripes as well! And don't forget to check out our annual Year in Film issue,...

Top films of 2009! SFBG film critics weigh in, part one

December 28, 2009
It's that time of year again -- Oscar contenders (and wannabes) are hogging the theaters, and just about every film writer who put fingers...


The Year in Film 2008: A year of living dude-tastically, bro

Don’t look back

The Year in Film 2008: Movies that saw hard times coming

Top tendencies

The Year in Film 2008: Signs of life (and a death) in American cinema

Pop hope

The Year in Film 2008: Politics as entertainment --shot by shot, shoe, or screen

Reel leaders

The Year in Film 2008: Top flick picks from critics and filmmakers

Tuneless, yet tempting

The Year in Film 2008: Assessing the year's mu-suck-als

The Year in Film 2008

December 31, 2008
Our critics reflect on the cinema that was (and possibly will be).

The Year in Film: Rest in pieces

Our monument to cinema in 2007

Year in Film: Cinema 2007

A bevy of top 10s, rants, and raves

Year in Film: Tonight we dine in hell

A look back at 2007, for better and mostly worse

Year in Film: The other side of the mirror

The year the rock biopic swelled with self-awareness