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Endorsements 2010: State ballot measures

PROP. 19 LEGALIZE MARIJUANAYES, YES, YES The most surprising thing about Prop. 19 is how it has divided those who say they support the...

Politics and redistricting: The madness in SF’s future

March 11, 2010
The political merry-go-round in San Francisco going to be whirling at light speed soon. It’s partially the fault of term limits -- over the next couple...

Restoring majority rule

Ballots measures seek to break California's political and financial gridlock

The problem with open primaries

The real impetus behind the top-two open primary measure comes from Gov. Schwarzenegger, who has been pushing this idea since 2004.

Endorsements 2008: East Bay races and measures

Alameda, Berkeley, and Oakland ballot endorsements

Endorsements 2008: State ballot measures

Yes, yes, yes on 1a. No, no, no on 4 and 8 ...

Editor’s Notes

Anti Prop. H ads have little to do with substance of Clean Energy Act

Endorsements: Local offices

Mecke, Sumchai, and Chicken John for mayor. Plus: Other endorsements