Too many big buildings

Housing is now being stuffed into downtown blocks, more than 7,000 units in the stretch running from Market Street to the Bay Bridge. This...

Bush’s big favor to PG&E

Why is the incredibly anti-environmental Bush suddenly keen to restore Hetch Hetchy Valley?

Investigate the Presidio’s money

EDITORIAL National parks are places where wildlife is preserved, saved, encouraged. The trend in parks these days is to expand the ecological mix; the...

The Presidio Trust’s mystery millions

Why is a national park sitting on $105 million for projects that are too secret to disclose?

Where are the chicks?

A half dozen California quail -- all males -- are all that remain in the once-teeming Presidio. What does the plight of the official state bird say about wildlife management in San Francisco?


January 10, 2007
jan. 11 event POOR Press Reading The Bay Area is particularly rife with innovative niche publications, one of which is POOR Magazine. POOR’s mission is to provide...


Jem Cohen's Chain examines consumers and the consumed

Free wi-fi for everyone

EDITORIAL Basic municipal infrastructure — roads, water and sewer pipes, train tracks, airports, that sort of thing — has traditionally been owned and operated...

Smelly situation

Smelly situation: Sewage spill and other problems plague new Alcatraz ferry operator

NOISE: Joanna Newsom overwhelms in SF

December 22, 2006
Guardian contributor Max Goldberg caught Joanna Newsom's recent performance at Great American Music Hall. Here's his review: Sans bangs and decked in red, Joanna Newsom...

City College’s latest abomination

Our very own City College is now proposing a 17-story, 238-foot glass monstrosity at the corner of Kearny and Washington streets.

A memo to constituents of Rep. Nancy Pelosi

December 15, 2006
By Bruce B. Brugmann To fellow San Franciscans: Now that even the San Francisco Chronicle/Hearst has declared in a lead front page story that Pelosi will...

A sound proposition

Why don't we do it in public?

Plays of the year

Suzan-Lori Parks's 365 Days/365 Plays project kicks off in San Francisco

Send mail to Josh. Josh’s mother reacts to the bad news that her son may be in federal...

November 17, 2006
From: Liz Wolf-Spada Subject: 9th Circuit Will Not Rehear Josh's Case Bad news, the 9th Circuit has decided not to rehear Josh's case enbanc. Evidently...

More Hellman on SFSOS

November 7, 2006
By Steven T. Jones I just got another call from Warren Hellman, who said he was saddened to see a group he founded but later...

More Hellman and SFSOS

November 7, 2006
By Steven T. Jones I just got another call from Warren Hellman, who said he was saddened to see a group he founded but later...

One nation under dog

Two Bush-era "America plays" connect today to the past

The Destroy California Initiative

Proposition 90 is being marketed as a way to stop Big Brother from taking your home. It might actually destroy everything that makes California livable

Skate or die

October 7, 2006
By G.W. Schulz Gavin Newsom has made a lot of promises during his tenure. He’s even come up with a few half-baked plans to contend...

Notes from the underground

Where's the party — after 2 a.m.? Welcome to the scene unseen

The cost of harassing the homeless

EDITORIAL Mayor Gavin Newsom, who has always talked about treating homeless people with compassion, is allowing the cops to do just the opposite —...


TWO PLUS TWO ERIN GILLEY'S PICKS 1. "365 Days/365 Plays" Suzan-Lori Parks wrote a play for each day of the year. They'll be performed all year...


Aug. 21 Hearing Animal vs. vegetable Say yay or nay to off-leash areas and protecting native plants in one minute or less at the Recreation and Park...