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The Santa Rosa Press Democrat/New York Times: still no answers on why it once again censored and mangled Project...

November 20, 2006
On Sept. 10, 2003, while the New York Times and the Santa Rosa Press Democrat and affiliated papers were running Judith Miller's stories...

The new Iraq-war media offensive

How powerful institutions like The New York Times are feverishly spinning against a pullout of U.S. troops

The new media offensive for the Iraq War. Why the Santa Rosa Press Democrat/New York Times ought to stop...

November 16, 2006
By Bruce B. Brugmann Norman Solomon, a syndicated columnist who appears on the Guardian website, wrote a chilling column this week on how the...

Oh, the fists!

November 14, 2006
by Amanda Witherell Mayor Newsom is getting pummeled left and right. (Actually, they're probably all lefts.) Only one of his three acolytes won the election...

Governor Hummer

Schwarzenegger claims to be an environmentalist, but his choice of vehicles and his endorsements out him as a hypocrite


October 24, 2006
Oct. 25 Theater Hamlet and Hamlet: Blood in the Brain ’Tis the season for dueling Hamlets - dueling unconventional Hamlets, in fact. Stuart Bousel and his No Nude...

Track stars

Hitting the rails with "Trolley Dances"

Economy class

Hidden kitchens, Jet, and a wahoo in Oahu

Buried treasure

New Treasure Island plan's green and affordable components greeted with cautious optimism, but many hurdles remain

Restoration Hardcore

KDVS's Operation: Restore Maximum Freedom IV fest


Sept. 30 Film/Event Film in the Fog: Them! What sounds like a broken air conditioner, looks like a ghetto-rigged muppet, and will kill its own mother for...

The 2006 political candidates let loose with us

The endorsement tapes: Unedited, uncensored interviews with candidates for local office.

California’s secret police

EDITORIAL If a doctor does something really terrible and is suspended from the practice of medicine, the record is public: anyone — a potential...

Welcome to the nightmare

Can the man who stole the election actually govern Mexico?


Why some stories never make the front page

The runners-up

Here are the 15 runners-up:


The 10 big stories the nation's major news media refused to cover last year

Bailed Wolf worries proposed federal reporter’s shield laws won’t protect independent press

September 1, 2006
By Sarah Phelan Like a mole emerging from a hole, bespectacled freelance journalist Josh Wolf squinted into the September sunlight, as he stood on the...

Randomness and revelation

Zookeepers, eunuch Marines, flying explorers, and the lady formerly known as Huck Finn populate the pages of A Fictional History

No Pasaran!

The crowds -- huge crowds -- protest a corupt election in Mexico City. But what's the endgame?

Eye spy

› andrea@altsexcolumn.com Dear Andrea: I've found myself a femmy boy who's willing — nay, enthusiastically prepared — to wear green eye shadow in public. This is...


› steve@sfbg.com There's an intriguing confluence of anniversaries coming up that together offer an opportunity for societal awakening. This week I'll be among thousands of Bay...

The case against the JROTC

OPINION Make no bones about it: the Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) is a program of the US Department of Defense. Its purpose...

Keeping it hyperreal

Kraft and Purver's Remote controls mediated distance and military dominance