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Drama mama

Des Ark's Aimee Argote has it bad — that's why her band sounds so good

Posi posse

Matt and Kim: not cute

NOISE: Chavez lives, live

January 9, 2007
Guardian contributor Michael Harkin caught Chavez's reunion performance at Slim's on Dec. 30. Here's his review: Chavez’s return to playing live shows certainly isn’t...


January 4, 2007
Jan. 9 MUSIC Bulbs It gets increasingly difficult to describe how Jon Almaraz and William Sabiston make their electronic drum pads and guitar effects do what they...


October 17, 2006
Oct. 18 Music “Freaky Folkie Magic” With the immense popularity of Bay Area artists such as Devendra Banhart and Joanna Newsom, who have revitalized stuffy notions of...

Come in from the cold

Local songsters Michael Talbott and the Wolfkings howl slowly, sweetly

Didja hear?

January 17, 2006
Get to know the Gossip

Third time’s a charm

The Gossip raise the roof with their breakthrough album, Standing in the Way of Control