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Great American Music Hall

That’s Pitchfork Music Festival you’re soaking in!

July 16, 2007
By K. Tighe The sweet Chicago sky. All photos by K. Tighe. When the folks at Pitchfork decided to add an extra day to this year's...

We built this city?

Ah, the sweet sound of small-town music and Sasquatch


We winced big-time hearing about Mark Osegueda's recent gouge

Pay, pal

Gimme justice, three square meals, and land, lots of land, upon which to build my multimillion-dollar SF Bat Lair

Five recent adds to Victor Krummenacher’s iPod

May 17, 2007
Ex-Guardian art director Victor Krummenacher has left our fair offices but he's not forgotten: dude can still be seen playing around town and far...

You are free

Victor Krummenacher and Albert Hammond Jr. spill about the joys of going solo

Out of downtown

Out of downtown: Wealthy financier Warren Hellman has crossed his big-business allies to help progressive causes

Fresh fruit from old punks

Jello Biafra and others pay tribute to icon Dirk Dirksen

Soft machines

With amplified thumb piano and pots and pans in hand, Konono No. 1 prove that good things can happen in Kinshasa

Big wheel

Joe Boyd and his White Bicycles

NOISE: Smoother sailing for Roky?

March 2, 2007
Just in time to catch the afterglow of Roky Erickson's awesome performance at Great American Music Hall last night: good news. According to Erickson's...

NOISE: Noise pop-a-go-go-going! Roky, Macro, Pop, pop, pop…

March 2, 2007
Wow, can't stop the Noise Pop show-going. Though when one finds the time to report on it or discuss the hairdo's seen or the...

NOISE: Yum, indie branding means…

March 2, 2007
Guardian staffer Joe Pennant was out and about for Noise Pop and ran smack into some free mochi ice cream at Bottom of the...

NOISE: Grizzly good times

February 22, 2007
Guardian contributor Chris Sabbath caught the Grizzly Bear show at Great American Music Hall on Feb. 20. Here's his review: Upon purchasing Grizzly Bear’s first...

Noise Pop: Basking in their luster

Or harshing their mellow? Brightblack Morning Light

Noise Pop: Miss him?

The psychic ills, family feuds, and resilience of Roky Erickson

Love rebuff

Indie = no pickups?

Of Montreal exposed

The band's latest takes it darker


January 25, 2007
jan. 28 EVENT Neil Pollack Best known for his hilarious takeoffs on pop culture and the music scene in books such as Never Mind the Pollacks, author...