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Kaplan for Oakland City Council. Sandoval for judge. No, no, no on 98 ... Our complete endorsements for the June 3 election -- including our Migden vs. Leno pick

Shelter shuffle

Inside San Francisco's confounding system of housing the homeless

For rent sale

Tenancies in common are depleting San Francisco's rental-housing stock

Our three-point plan to save San Francisco

A radical new approach to affordable housing isn't just an option anymore — it's imperative

Editor’s Notes

Where is the leadership?

The death of Polk Street

The death of Polk Street: Gentrification is destroying the home of a vibrant, if marginalized, queer community

Why we’re with Mark Leno

Leno personifies the direction, tone, and future of the progressive movement

Ellis Act crisis

Will Leland Yee help stop evictions?

Important tenant alert — call Leland Yee!

By Tim Redmond A critical piece of tenant legislation is heading for the floor of the state Senate, and so far, San Francisco Senator Leland...

A law school of their own

Social justice programs are changing the legal landscape

Flowers unempowered

Local florist on receiving end of hate-tinged vandalism

Pass Maxwell’s housing bill

San Francisco doesn't need to build more housing that's totally out of sync with what residents and small businesses need.

Proposition 90 isn’t about eminent domain

Here are some of the things that could be impacted if Proposition 90 passes: NEIGHBORHOOD PLANNING Developers could argue against providing additional community benefits,...


Document battle frustrates the mayor's flacks and galvanizes a new breed of activist

Come on, Mr. Sheriff

By Tim Redmond Here's a great idea: Supervisors Tom Ammiano and Ross Mirkarmimi are pushing for a resolution that would call on the San Francisco...

Eviction battle continues

Latest effort to help renters wins board support, but Newsom veto remains possible

20 questions for Fiona Ma

Sup. Fiona Ma, who is running for state Assembly, last week decided to skip an endorsement interview that she scheduled with the Guardian -...