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Election Night

Newsom and downtown groups court Cohen

November 30, 2010
A rogue's gallery of downtown power brokers and moderate politicians is lining up to give D10 supervisor-elect Malia Cohen money during a fundraiser at...

From second to first

Election shows how ranked-choice voting can topple unpopular frontrunners and strengthen political coalitions

Dodging bullets

SF progressives didn't do as well at the polls as in the last few election cycles, but it could have been worse

The next mayor

November 9, 2010

Can the left win, or will egos and infighting turn this into a huge missed opportunity?

Cohen and Farrell come from behind in early ranked-choice tally

November 5, 2010
A preliminary run of the ranked-choice ballots in San Francisco Board of Supervisors races shows D10 candidate Malia Cohen and D2 candidate Mark Farrell...

Here come the sidewalk sitters

November 4, 2010
As soon as it became clear on election night that Prop. L had passed, I wondered if opponents would organize some sort of mass...

Election 2010: Labor and progressives dodge a bullet

November 3, 2010
Bucking a national conservative, anti-government political trend, San Franciscans stayed with some fairly progressive politics on election night, rejecting a measure to demonize public...

Election 2010: Progressives keep D6 seat

November 2, 2010
While the outcome of the D6 supervisorial race won’t be known until all the ranked choice ballots get counted, it is clear that the...

Election 2010: Loose crowd, few conclusions at the Labor-Dems party

November 2, 2010
SF Democratic Party chairperson Aaron Peskin made it to the Labor Council-Democratic Party soiree at the Great American Music Hall a little late. Of...

Election 2010: Theresa Sparks supporters await results

November 2, 2010
District 6 candidate Theresa Sparks showed up fashionably late for her own election night gathering at Don Ramon's Mexican restaurant in the South of...

Election Night Parties

These are heady days to live in San Francisco, what with the Giants' World Series victory last night, Halloween festivities the night before, and...

It’s a beautiful day

November 2, 2010
It was mayhem out at 30th and Mission last night, people pouring into the streets, shouting and shooting off fireworks and cars cruising along,...

Register to vote before midnight

October 18, 2010
Did you know that you have until midnight today to register to vote? That you have until next Tuesday (Oct. 26) to request a...

Maxwell disappoints by endorsing Sweet

October 13, 2010
To be honest, I wasn’t surprised that termed-out Sup. Sophie Maxwell endorsed D10 candidate Lynette Sweet yesterday. Just disappointed. And it’s not just because...

Voters are pissed

Sorting out the results of a primary election that showcased a restive electorate

Editorial: PG&E’s greed backfires

The defeat of Prop. 16 showed that unlimited corporate spending on a ballot initiative doesn't guarantee victory. EDITORIAL The single most important number to come...

PG&E’s greed backfires

The defeat of Prop. 16 showed that unlimited corporate spending on a ballot initiative doesn't guarantee victory

Goodbye, 49ers — and do we really care?

June 10, 2010
Tony Winnicker, the mayor's press secretary, was chatting with a group of folks at the Newsom victory party on election night, and Steven T....

Everyone hates PG&E

June 9, 2010
Well, maybe not everyone, but the results from last night's election are fascinating. A $50 million campaign, with the opposition struggling to come up...

Prop 16 opponents celebrate

It's now official: Prop 16 is toast.With 87 percent of the election results in, Prop 16 was losing, 52.6 percent "no" to 47.4 percent...

“A righteous win.”

June 8, 2010
I just called Sup. Ross Mirkarimi, one of the leaders of the No on 16 campaign. He's cautious; we've both seen PG&E steal elections...

From the Linda Colfax party

June 8, 2010
Alex Emslie reports from the Colfax party: A wild cheer exploded from the crowd of 50 Linda Colfax supporters when the numbers appeared on the...

Whoa — we could actually win this thing

June 8, 2010
For the first time tonight, Prop. 16 is losing. As more results come in, PG&E's lead has been slipping, and now the measure is...

Prop. 16 is getting very tight — PG&E’s only up by one point

June 8, 2010
Wow, the No on 16 campaign might just pull off a miracle. PG&E's lead is cut to 50.3 to 49.7 as more results come...