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Club sprockets

Nightlife hits the movie screen at Frameline

Call the docs

The Clinton 12, Silences , and the Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes doc at the San Francisco Black Film Festival

Candid camera

Shohei Imamura captures Japan's red lights and black markets

Blood money

Three movies explore why the US is broke

Views of Iwo Jima

Japanese responses to Clint Eastwood's Oscar contender

Doin’ the ‘Dance

Taking stock of Sundance

The ballad of Carmelo

Romantico proves documentaries can be gorgeous and soulful


Jem Cohen's Chain examines consumers and the consumed

F stands for family …

... and for fucked up -- an apt tag for 2006's movie kin

Goodbye PG

The educational documentaries you can't take your kids to see

Goldies Film winners Chris Metzler and Jeff Springer

Like the steadfast Salton Sea itself, Chris Metzler and Jeff Springer's Plagues and Pleasures on the Salton Sea has displayed remarkable staying power. The...

The loneliness of the long-distance runner

Documentaries are taking over my life. Lately, everything I wanna watch is either true or the next best thing. So it was only...

Cat’s Eye: Vancouver International Film Fest, Day One

Toronto presents North America's mad mad mad world fall film fest option, while Vancouver gives post-Hollywood cinemaniacs a quieter, more contemplative choice. Thanks to...

The final frontier

Aron Ranen surfs reality - to the moon and beyond

Trash hits Toronto: part two

FEST REPORT Because I'm psychotic, I jammed 22 movies into six and a half days at the Toronto International Film Festival — and was...

American lie

This Film Is Not Yet Rated investigates Jack Valenti’s legacy


SEPT. 2–4 Art and Soul Oakland Frank Ogawa Plaza and City Center, 14th St and Clay, Oakl; (510) 444-CITY, www.artandsouloakland.com. 11am-6pm. $5. The sixth incarnation...

Meth-y behavior

Perhaps a good indicator of a social problem's gravity is the number of documentaries it inspires. This year crystal meth addiction, specifically in gay...

San Francisco Black Film Festival

REVIEW Other local fests may grab more attention, but the ever-growing San Francisco Black Film Festival, now in its eighth year, is well worth...

Daniel in the lion’s den

The first time I heard Daniel Johnston’s music, I’d ordered a tape from K Records, having little idea what to expect. What arrived in...

28 years later

Matt Gonzalez and director Stanley Nelson ponder the fate and impact of Peoples Temple and the truth behind the powerful new doc Jonestown