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Criminal Justice

Thawing ICE

Recent events hurt Mayor Gavin Newsom's case for refusing to enforce sanctuary law

A very different approach to the sit-lie law

Most experts recognize that the criminal justice system for youths has failed, and putting people in jail for a nonviolent crime doesn't make a lot of sense.

MUNI driver: luck, not system, saved my family

MUNI bus driver Charles Washington says it was luck that won his family a reprieve from a federal deportation order. His Australian bride Tracey,...

Who cares about San Francisco’s (black and brown) prisoners?

I knew Sup. Chris Daly was going to get slammed for his Feb. 23 vote against placing a $412 million earthquake-safety bond measure on...

Dick Meister: Combating workplace violence

Organized labor and its allies are rightly alarmed over the high incidence of on-the-job accidents that have killed or maimed many thousands of workers....

Why foot patrols make sense

By Tim Redmond I had lunch with the chief of police yesterday. George Gascon is far sharper than the past few people to occupy that...

Prison report: The other side of the story

By Just A Guy Editor's note: Just A Guy was recently released from a California state prison. He continues to report and comment on corrections...

Prison report: Rescued, not arrested

By Just a Guy Editors note: Just A Guy was until recently an inmate in a California state prison. He was released in November and...

Time for serious budget reform

It's time to quit with the patches, quit with the one-time solutions and fee hikes

Smoking out Russoniello

Text and photos by Sarah Phelan How much rope has the Obama administration given the US Attorney for Northern California Joe Russoniello (center) when it...

Crossing the line

How Mayor Newsom's policies are tearing apart families, imprisoning and imperiling children, and creating a climate of fear in immigrant communities

What’s up with the Ramos red herring?

Text by Sarah Phelan My editor Tim Redmond just asked why just every story about the city's sanctuary ordinance seems to start with Ramos? It's a...

Campos invites Newsom to debate immigrant youth policy

Text by Sarah Phelan Sup. David Campos has responded to Mayor Gavin Newsom’s Oct. 28 veto of his proposal to restore due process to all...

Fighting for juvenile justice

Do we want to risk deporting innocent kids — and seeing them die trying to rejoin their families?

New coach, new approach

Police Chief George Gascón, just two months on the job, is already making big changes

Chronic debate

THE DRUG ISSUE: Marijuana decriminalization moves forward on several fronts

This one’s ugly

The worst budget season in years begins with more polarization than usual

Mayor’s Office targetted for cuts

By Steven T. Jones The Budget and Finance Committee tomorrow begins work on the 2009-10 budgets of 15 city department that are funded by the...

Finally, justice

Guardian story led to freedom, $4.5 million settlement

Finally, some justice for John “J.J.” Tennison

Text by Sarah Phelan As the Chronicle reports today, the city has agreed to pay $4.5 million to John “J.J.” Tennison, who spent almost 14...

Editor’s Notes

Cutting services for the poor, as opposed to cutting things rich people want and need, or making them pay a tiny bit more to keep society stable, is a political choice

Total ‘Eclipse’

Richard North Patterson takes on the Nigerian and Western petrolords

Dazed and confused

Marijuana and quality-of-life cases clog Newsom's Community Justice Court

Saving the southeast

Foreclosure wave speeds SF's black exodus while city officials focus on new condo construction