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Nailed it

Southpaw BBQ is more than a pinch-hitter

Koi hooey

The High Halushki of Hyperbole is not amused.

Finger waves

It's all about the signs at Mozzeria

Dishing the dirt

Potato, taro, and yuca -- yum!

Eat these words

It's all a yummy breakfast hot mess at Little Griddle


Moving back -- and digging in at Tacolicious

Batter up

Baseball, hot dogs, fried pierogi .... and Laotian treats at Ventiane Cafe

Mega Millions

Hitting the fried chicken and pulled pork jackpot at Rainbow Donuts and Smoke Berkeley

So close

Birthday time! But first, some gift-wrappy gold bags at Krua Thai

Whorls away

In the swim -- with not very many matzoh balls -- at Soup Freaks

Sichuan healing

Hurting for the delicious no-frills delights of Sichuan Home in the Richmond

Appetite: 2 new Bay cheap eats spots

In the spirit of my recent "new SF cheap eats" article, here are two noteworthy new cheap eats joints East and South: Berkeley and...

Deutch maneuver

Sausage at Schmidt's, skewers at Rice Bowl

The Katz correlations

Thinking out the hole thing at Katz bagels

Feathers flew

Winging it right at the Pizza Place on Noriega

Playing Joe Cool

le.chicken.farmer@gmail.comCHEAP EATS Last Straw Sullenger and me were walking. Just strolling around the corner, to Community Thrift, to see if they had some things....

Mummy’s the word

Hot players, drizzly victories, and some fine eggs Precita Park Cafe


Kicking it with burgers and the Verms at Thee Parkside

The future’s got spice

Collaborating on life -- and tucking in at Pagarung Thai

New prohibitions

The brand new can't -- and taking Homeroom home


On the trail of Mississppi barbecue -- and hitting the rotissary at the Castro's Morning Due


Barbecued spaghetti in Mississippi -- and rotisseried chicken at SF's Morning Due Cafe

Kicky kitty

Storming the field -- and tasting the rainbow at Haltun

Junk bonds

Pho 2000 is the new bowl champion