Let them eat pancakesi


Three stories, three papers, one reporter

How Singleton is homogenizing local coverage

The Downward Spiral

by Amanda Witherell Ezra wanted to see The Departed and I was angling for Borat, so we decided to let public transportation pick the movie...

Track stars

Hitting the rails with "Trolley Dances"

Does Beauty Ravish You?

by Amanda Witherell Did it ravish you, compel you, confuse you last night on the corner of 24th and Mission? That's what a 20x30 foot...

Live bait

The secret life of warehouse shows

Oral histories

Tales of the early ’90s underground gay sex club scene

When the lights go down

Twenty-five more reasons (plus one) to run to and from the theater this fall


› CHEAP EATS Let's see, last week I ate at TJ's Gingerbread House in West Oakland, and it wasn't cheap eats because it was...

Newsom loses control

Mayor Gavin Newsom, who fancies himself a solution-oriented pragmatist, has allowed the supervisors to take over the urban policy agenda

One down, one to go

City officials challenge Mirant power plant pollution as PG&E finally shutters its controversial Hunters Point facility

Business ethics 101

The San Francisco Chamber of Commerce's publishing company is accused of shorting employees

Small Business Activist: Comet Skateboards

458 Brannan, SF(510) 625-9045 What if we saved our precious natural resources by not transporting our food and clothes halfway around the world?...

Throwing the books, Pitney passes, Jew know what I mean?

Give a brother a book, won't you? Xiu Xiu's Jamie Stewart performs solo and Guardian contributor Devin Hoff brings his Platform (his catchall name...

SUPERLIST NO. 813: Bling it on

Where to grill your teeth from here to the East Bay

Paige two

I WAS TURNED  on to my new favorite restaurant, Jodie's, by Satchel Paige the Pitcher's dad, Mr. Paige the Pitcher. Indirectly. Mr. Paige the...