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Editorial: Stop cell phone censorship

August 16, 2011
The bizarre move by BART officials Aug. 11 to shut down cell phone service in the underground train stations made headlines around the world...

Scenes from #opBART: video of the Civic Center protests

August 16, 2011
Protesters shut down afternoon rush hour BART operations on Aug. 15 as part of a campaign by international hacker group Anonymous in response to...

Waves of protest pound at BART, shutting down stations

August 15, 2011
Watch exclusive SFBG video of the Civic Center protest here.The latest battle between BART and its growing group of grassroots foes played out during...

Anger erupts over police shootings

Two recent officer-involved shootings spark protests throughout San Francisco

The BART cover-up crumbles

July 26, 2011
Zusha Elinson at the Bay Citizen continues to do great work on the BART Police shooting, and today he's got a scoop: The audio...

Harding’s family speaks out

July 26, 2011
On July 25, the family of Kenneth Wade Harding, Jr. -- the 19-year-old who was killed in the Bayview by a gunshot wound after...

The BART Police video raises new questions

July 22, 2011
BART, under public pressure, has finally released a video that shows part of the shooting of Charles Hill. Zusha Elinson of the Bay Citizen...

Editor’s notes

BART's investigation process for its own shootings are a bit puzzling

Zero tolerance for BART cop killings

July 13, 2011
I understand how frustrated some commuters were when protesters shut down the Civic Center BART station. And you can make the argument that the...

End the BART cover-up

Stonewalling is a mistake for an agency with such an awful track record

BART service disruptions as protesters call for transit police to be disbanded (video)

July 12, 2011
Rush hour on the BART system in downtown San Francisco was royally screwed up for several hours July 11, and for protesters who paced...

Editorial: End the BART coverup

July 11, 2011
Ten days have passed since a BART police officer shot and killed a man at the Civic Center station — and the public still...

Rally planned to protest latest BART shooting

Activists who swarmed transit stations in the wake of the fatal BART police shooting of Oscar Grant are planning to rally again next Monday,...

The BART shooting: Fishier and fishier

July 6, 2011
BART's official account of the latest shooting -- and the assertion that the officers acted properly -- is starting to look more and more...

Another BART Police shooting

July 5, 2011
It's still too soon to determine whether the latest BART Police shooting was legit. There were witnesses. There's station security video. Maybe the victim...

Private cops at SF General?

June 28, 2011
Truly astonishing moment at the June 23 Budget Committee hearing. The director of Public Health, Barbara Garcia, actually testified that San Francisco General Hospital...

Mehserle’s free, but some protesters could still face jail time

June 15, 2011
 Johannes Mehserle, the former BART police officer who shot and killed Oscar Grant while he was lying face down on the Fruitvale station train...

Great news! More BART Police tasers!

May 27, 2011
I cannot contain my joy and excitement: BART is buying 130 new Tasers so every cop can have one! Imagine -- more ways for...

Guardian takes seven awards

The Bay Guardian wins big at the Peninsula Press Club awards

Prison for killer cop

Disappointed by the lenient sentence, Grant supporters vow to continue fighting for justice

Calls for justice

Will the former BART cop who shot Oscar Grant spend time behind bars?


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