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Green City

Should taxpayers subsidize desalination?

Green City: Poseidon Resources may help the drought, but at what cost?

Housing cars or people?

GREEN CITY: Supervisor Chiu introduces legislation that curtails evictions for garages

Marching on Chevron

GREEN CITY: Activists from Global Exchange protest alleged human rights abuses and environmental devastation

We want free parking!

GREEN CITY: Visceral reactions to extending parking meter hours

Billboards and blight

GREEN CITY: A tempting vision for revitalizing the mid-Market area -- but it comes at a flashy price

Saving the bay

GREEN CITY: A four-part documentary series focuses a critical eye on the history of the Bay

Environmental review, Inc.

Green City: The city planning controversy

The harshest cut

Sierra timber practices aren't front-page news anymore — but the brutal devastation of clear-cutting continues apace

Desperate measures?

GREEN CITY: Plans for the Bay's first desalinization plant inch forward -- but what about the energy costs?

Protecting babies from fire and chemicals

"This nonprofit front is just one of the extraordinary efforts of the chemical companies to stop bills of this nature"

Mirant plant to close

The agreement also requires Mirant to pay the city $1 million

Sailing into the plastic vortex

Green City: Closing in on the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre

The algae solution

GREEN CITY: The San Francisco Bay may soon host a dramatic new environmental project

Making great streets

The Great Street Project is helping transform San Francisco's streets into safe, vibrant public spaces

Selling the park

Environmentalists oppose Lennar's effort to build condos on Candlestick Point parkland

Is there hope?

Public disagreement, locally, about saving the planet from the worst impacts of climate change

Which kind of poison?

The push to shut down Mirant's aging power plant advances, but the alternative isn't much greener

Blocking the Port

A new lawsuit seeks to impede the Port of Oakland's ability to regulate dirty trucks

Mirant’s last gasp?

Green City: A multipronged effort -- and raised hopes -- to shut down the controversial fossil-fuel-fired facility

Don’t drill here

Green City: Polar bears, sea turtles, other marine mammals -- and those were just the protesters

Green-collar heat

Low-income community groups hope to turn Obama's stimulus package into an opportunity to make local government accountable for creating decent green-collar jobs.

The polluting Port

Diesel exhaust from old idling vehicles has created a serious public health threat

Station leaves the train

Green City: Is the Transbay Terminal rebuild moving away from its high-speed rail showcase?

Think globally, shop locally

Green City: Bay Area eco-boutiques bridge the distance