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During the 2005 Toronto International Film Festival, where Lady Vengeance screened under its original title, Sympathy for Lady Vengeance, director Park Chanwook (through a...

Angel of death

Park Chanwook caps off his revenge trilogy with the elegantly brutal Lady Vengeance

Meth-y behavior

Perhaps a good indicator of a social problem's gravity is the number of documentaries it inspires. This year crystal meth addiction, specifically in gay...

Shoot for the contents

The Queer Women of Color fest takes over the screen

Gnaw on this

› cheryl@sfbg.com There's always room for another film festival in this town, especially when said fest is drowning in blood, guts, and supernatural...

Mini mini CinemaScope!

The term CinemaScope might conjure a 2.66-to-1 vision of an extra-bodacious Marilyn Monroe in How to Marry a Millionaire, or, if you're a certain...

Honeycomb hideout

V??ctor Erice's dreamy allegory The Spirit of the Beehive still stings today

Pride of Frankenstein

"As Sure as My Name Is Boris Karloff" honors horror's enduring icon

Blood brothers

DIY filmmakers Rick Popko and Dan West pursue guts and glory

Live through this

It would be a mistake to describe Clean as another entry in the already crowded field of movies about drug addicts. Yes, the film's...

My crones sleep alone

4: berserk reasons to believe in Russian cinema, if not society

Girls afraid

Just My Luck and Somersault map wildly different paths to maturity

Anatomy lessons

Bogart never says "Play it again, Sam" in Casablanca, and most noirs don't feature slinky jazz scores, but the misconceptions persist. In the case...

Arctic vessels

Matthew Barney serves up cold fish in Drawing Restraint 9

That’s amore

DocFest loves up pizza, pageants, and pinball

Tragic replay

Are filmgoers ready for United 93?

Occult classic

SFIFF taps into the magic of Harry

Pick: Thank You for Smoking

SATIRE Outfitted with a name that sounds shiny and desirable, Nick Naylor (Aaron Eckhart) is in the business of eating shit with a smile,...

Big skies, broken hearts

Wenders and Shepard revisit Paris, Texas by way of Butte, Montana

The ‘ol whizbang

Oh! What a Lovely War substitutes for a cowardly current-day Hollywood

Whose cheatin’ Heart?

A fable of our era leaps - or hobbles - from page to screen


For proof – as if any is needed – that television is overwhelmingly a right-wing medium, one need only contemplate the manner in which...

Behind and beyond bars

Perhaps the best book written about a wrongly convicted man is Jack Olsen's Last Man Standing, a chronicle of the 27 years Geronimo Ji-Jaga...