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Volume 45 Number 30

Volume 45 Number 30 Flip-through Edition

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FEAST: 9 meat-free marvels

Vegetarian sandwiches take over the world

FEAST: 5 tapioca delights

The little pearls get their due in classic and contemporary SF dishes

FEAST: 8 intriguing entrees

Breakfast and dinner are great times for a change

FEAST: 5 gourmet gross-outs

"Say what?" menu items that are weird in a good way 

FEAST: 7 brunch cocktails

Why be sober when you can sparkle?

FEAST: 10 contemporary kitchen essentials

All you need to shift your cooking from serviceable to superb

FEAST: 6 best breakfast bets

Up before noon? The Guardian counsels eating

Land of the undead

Bite me: bloodsuckers menace what's left of the human race in Stake Land

Age against the Machine

Geoff Hoyle's Geezer lives!

This place

More than one take on the words and visions of Rebecca Solnit's award-winning Infinite City

Dark slice of life

A too-little-known filmmaker breaks through with Black Bread

What to watch, part two

Short takes on week two of SF Internation Film Festival


Whirling world cuisine into quick, healthy noms

Going back

Lucinda Childs' conceptual classic Dance returns to the Bay Area

It’s 6 a.m. somewhere

Seize the day with drinks before dawn

La vida vegan

A panel of animal product-free Bay Area-ites tell it like it is

Victory, victorious

Unprecedentedly monumental victories at Red Café

Ghosts in the machine

Matthew Zapruder's poems are built to last

Sexual evolution

alt.sex.column says so long -- and thanks for all the fish

Return of the skronk

Bill Orcutt gives some noise to the city on A New Way to Pay Old Debts

Approve affordable housing — for youth

Legislation regarding a crucial project to house low-income youth is on its way

Pete Petrakis, PG&E fighter, dies at 82

Guardian muckraker leaves San Francisco with a helluva story

Last stand against Lennar

Final lawsuit challenging Hunters Point redevelopment project awaits a judge's ruling