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Volume 45 Number 25

Appetite: 3 reasons 2011 Whiskies of the World worked

There’s always fine pours to be had at the (12th) annual Whiskies of the World, a.k.a. WoW, particularly from smaller distilleries. Bourbon, rye, scotch,...

Black tassels for Eddie

The burlesque community says goodbye to a great

Preaching Tikkun

Rabbi Michael Lerner still courts controversy as he celebrates his magazine's silver anniversary

Appetite: Cynar buzz… the next Fernet?

Not sure if you’ve noticed, but Cynar, a classic Italian bitter (that works as both aperitif and digestif), is taking over your local cocktail...

SXSW Music Diary wrapup

Four days spent chasing the dragon in Austin

Volume 45 Number 25 Flip-through Edition

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Editor’s Notes

Taxing the rich never seems to be on the table

Shut down Diablo Canyon

The nuclear power plant is built on unstable ground and continues to generate, and accumulate, highly radioactive waste

Conning immigrants

Lawsuit alleges former attorney bilked desperate clients who faced deportation

Smart meters, stupid company

Customers, consultant, and consumer groups fault PG&E for ignoring growing concerns

Sacramento needs a foreign policy

The National Priorities Project puts the current cumulative cost of the Afghan war to California taxpayers at $48.5 billion

Dinner with the Clams

With Sleep Talk, Shannon and the Clams blast rock's ghosts of the past into the future

Lucky charms, safe journeys

Yukako Ezoe reimagines the nature of self-portraiture in "Bahama Kangaroo"

Need a shrink?

Dear Andrea:Due to a prostate operation, my penis is quite small and I cannot get a proper erection. Will the Fleshlight work for me?Love,Shrinky...

Synapse lapse

Iridium flares, Chicago Bears -- and Great American BBQ

Motion pictures

The San Francisco Dance Film Festival presents the long and the short of "screendance"


Nuevo Latino cuisine in the Mission that hints at the city's rich past


Awesomely tasty Night Market at Public Works will satisfy appetites for dishing and dancing. Plus: Frite Nite showcase, Debaser anniversary, Relax Relate Release, and Soiree 9

Fruits of labor

Behold, a new imperfect cinema


Tom McCarthy goes to the mat for his new comedy

Satisfying crunch

Local rockers Midnite Snaxx bring the 12 o'clock rock to Burger Boogaloo fest

Teenage ghosts

Dirty Beaches and Hunx and his Punx hold a séance for the lost spirits of pop past

Harmonic canons

Schick Machine hits the right notes, while Lady Grey is upstaged

King of the spook house

Jose Mojica Marins' infamous Brazilian cult horror films gain new life