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Volume 45 Number 09

Appetite: Hungry for Change

Tasting a new, fair trade monthly food subscription

Appetite: Delicious giving

For the foodie and drink hounds on your list, here are a few recent book releases to delight and enlighten

Appetite: Coffee’s new shining star? It’s Ma’velous

Cheesy puns aside, Ma'velous is truly that. Kudos to Phillip Ma and his new coffee and wine bar, which I'd be ecstatic to have...

alt.sex.column: The fandango

Dear Andrea:I am a 38-year-old man who doesn't have regular sexual partners (basically my whole life) and as a result am a chronic masturbator....

Volume 45 Number 9 Flip-through Edition

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The face of Cher

Burlesque musings

More than child’s play

What's the matter with the grimly fiendish stage treatment of Coraline?


What we're listening to

Welcome to the Asylum

Sic Alps clamber back into view

Cash and Carrey

Gay romantic comedy I Love You Phillip Morris inches toward the mainstream

Dance fever

Portman is prima in Black Swan

Cho tunes

The wonderful Margaret Cho is back in the land of tiny dogs. Plus: Lazer Sword, Smalltown DJs, the Tiara Sensation Pageant, and more wild nightlife

Pica Pica Maize Kitchen

Corn is king at this Mission spot, serving Venezuelan-style dishes in a very casual atmosphere

What the Dickens

A Cow Palace tradition inspires strange dedication, adult stimulation -- and snappy cravats

Olden Days

Strangely sweet duck soup and facing up to antiquity at Lao Thai Soul Food Kitchen


YBCA offers up a bloody cinematic antidote to holiday smarm

WikiLeaks: demystifying diplomacy

With the nation's ongoing war efforts at full throttle, the contradictions between public rationales and hidden goals cannot stand the light of day

The process begins

After battling over procedures, the Board of Supervisors is ready to select a new mayor

Supreme Court confirms Guardian legal victory

Weekly's appeal denied: "We have before us the case of an ongoing, comprehensive, below-cost pricing scheme"

The America’s Cup rip-off

EDITORIAL Gigantic international sporting events tend to be great fun for the people who attend. They make great promotional videos for the host city....

Editor’s notes

Why doesn't wealth inequality get discussed by polite economists?


The future of millions of undocumented students hangs on the lame-duck Congress

The biggest fish

The America's Cup would transform San Francisco's waterfront -- but is it a good deal for the city?